(bluerose7) disablity?? about hiring attorneyanyone??

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    I've read a little of your posts. Will take me awhile to read all of it. Very informative though. In finding a lawyer should you ask first if they have represented clients with CF/FM and if they have won? Wouldn't we want to know this before taking all the time and effort to explain all to them. Is there any money involved before you win,if you do and what if you don't. Didn't I read here awhile back that someone used Scott Davis and he wanted money up front for travel expenses or something before he would take it??

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    If you have local support group with cf/fm I would ask who they used for their attorney, also network with people you know who used them.

    My attorney had represented cfs clients and won all his cases, that was one of the first things I asked him.

    I am giving you the link for how an attorney works with social secuirty representation.


    Just copy and paste that into your browser, it explains how it all works. Surprisingly, Social security protects you from being ripped off. Your lawywer has to file a fee aggreement with SSA, to make sure they don;t rip you off.

    My only additional cost was 50 bux for copying my extensive health care records from several states.
    Hope this helps.
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    I finally hired a lawyer when I had to go to the Administrative Law Judge. I chose an attornedy who only accepted sick people. It came from a reference that I got in a doctor's office. I had to pay up front, but I got a good backpayment and it was worth it. Good luck.

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    KeKe...I first want to tell you im sorry I was not able to responded sooner...I just now had seen your post to me and others. I haven't been online alot lately...and somehow missed your post when I was on a few times here lately.

    The other posters gave you some great advise....

    You should ask around to friends and family etc... of any good disability lawyers they may know...

    And yes you should ask any lawyer you see if and how many CFS/FMS clints they have had and how many of those cases have they won. The best thing to do before seeing a lawyer is to sit down and make a list of questions to ask. From the above question, to how much percentage they get if your case is won, do they charge any upfront money etc..

    Some lawyers who may be out of your state may charge a small fee upfront to travel...best to find one close to you...Other then that there should be NO upfront cost other then they may charge you upfront for getting all your medical records...most include this cost in if you win...but some do charge upfront for medical records....best if you get all your medical records yourself!

    Don't be afraid to question them....they are going to be working for you!!

    Most lawyers charge nothing for a free first time consultation with them...don't just see one lawyer...set up free consulations with at least 2 to 3 lawyers....then chose from there wish one you think will represent you and your case the best.

    **What stage are you at? This is just my opinion but I would not hire a lawyer until the hearing stage...thats when you have been denied twice already...and are ready to go before a ALJ.....unless you are just at that point or not able to deal with the paperwork etc...

    I hope this has helped some and hope you see this...again sorry I did not see it sooner!!

    Good Luck & Dont give UP

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    Thats my 2 cents. They charge after they win and they evaluate your case BEFORE they take you. If they take you, this means they believe they have a good shot at winning. I won on the first round.