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    HI Bluerose,,,nice to hear from you again so glad you are doing ok ,,,, well my app.with ss dr. went well it took about 1hr.15min. and he was a cool guy i thought and he would ask me ,,stuff like what was 3x3=?,,,,who was the Gov. of Calif? count backwards from 50,,, so on then he told me he was dx. with fibro about 10 yrs ago himself,too {girl!!} i had a terrible headache that day and he knew it!!!!!! he ask me if i get this migares headaches alot i said yes i do ,,,ask me if i was nervous about the meeting i said NO! thats the way i am,,,, he was writing everthing ,,,i woke up with headache and went to bed with headache,,,,,,allday long to me it was the meeting with him,,,it was to stressful for me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so how long do you think it`s going to take to get a answer? ,,,,,,,,,,,, i`m glad you are having company,,sometimes it`s nice to have alittle company over,,,for me not now,,, maybe later,,i`m so mean!! {hugs} gmom,,,,,,,,
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    bumped for bluerose!!!!
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    Hi!!Bluerose,,just got on and i see that you haven`t got on line i know you have been busy ,,but i remembered something that i forgot to tell you ,,,,,i had some blood work and my cholesterol level was high so they put me on med.and my hormones were ok but my problem is******* i have so much hot flashes ,,, night sweats and during the day i have them to,,so the dr said she wanted to do other exam on me,,,,,,, what do they do to know what this hot flashes coming from???,,,,,and they allready got some blood from me ,,and saw the hormone level was normal,,,, this is a every night thing for me,,,just don`t know what to do ,,,,and the anxiety { wow!!! }unbelieveable to me is getting worse,,,,i told that to that dr. i saw on the 12th. he said it was the fibro/cfs. with out me asking him ,,,,will see ,,{{hugs}} gmom,,,,
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    So so sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I had company in from friday to sunday and after they left....

    I crashed and crashed hard...I have been so tired...I pushed myself to hard while they were here and boy am I paying for it...Plus it has turned off so cold...only making me hurt and feel worse.

    I am so glad your appt. with SS doctor is over and it really sounds like it went well. I dont wish FM on no one, but sence this doctor does have FM maybe he will be a little more understanding and I pray he wrote things in your favor. Be sure to get that copy of his report!!!

    About the Hot Flashes...I'm so sorry your having those...no fun at all!!! If the doc has taken your blood work and other test...I'm not sure what more he can do to find out why your having the hot flashes...if it's not coming from your hormones. Let me know when you go back to your doctor what he does and how it goes.

    I'm sorry your Anxiety has been worse...I certainly know how that feels...and it can be very overwhelming. Hopefully you will hear some good news from SS soon and you can begin to concentrate more on you and trying to feel better. All of this is very stressful, I know and can make your anxiety worse.

    You hang in in there OK....Take Care of yourself and try not to let all of this worry you so much(I know eaiser said then done) Let me know what your doc says on your next appt. ok...Praying for you!!! I will try to check back as soon as I can....I'm just having a really bad week!!

    (((((Hugs))))) & Prayer

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    Bump for Gmom....

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    just got on and wanted to ask you with this being my 2nd around with the ss and seeing there DR. my first claim being denied,,how long will this take for me to know anything? i guess it different every where,,Right!! how have you being doing? are you feeling better? i hope so i`ve missed you ,,,,gmom,,,,

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    How are you feeling and doing???

    You are at the Reconsideration stage right?? This is your first appeal am I right?? You are right, it does vary a little with each case and state...but I feel you should hear something at least within 2 months from the date you appealed.

    I am continueing to pray for you, I pray you are approved!! But please if your not approved, you keep fighting..dont give up!! If it comes to a point you have to go before a ALJ which is the second appeal in most states..Be sure to go ahead and get a lawyer at this stage...If, I would have been denied a second time..I would have gotten a lawyer then...but thank God I won on my first appeal.

    I am feeling a little better, but not alot. I have just been really down here lately not only physcially but mentally as well. I had a really bad anxiety attack this past week. I dont know, I have just been feeling really depressed lately.

    Thanks for asking hun...your such a sweet person and a great friend. I hope you are feeling better. How is your anxiety???...I hope better. It has turned off so cold here already...ughhh I dont know which is worse the cold weather or the heat in the summer. Oh well, I need to be thankful for what I do have and what I can do.

    Keep in touch hun!!
    ((((Hugs)))) & Prayers

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    HI Bluerose!!! i`m so glad to hear from you ,again and hope and pray that when you read this it finds you feeling ok,,,well me i`m still feeling the anxiety and those hot flashes real bad ,,i stopped all my meds. my hubby took me to the em.room ,, they did all the tests you can think of and everthing came out ok the em Dr. said that i needed to go and see a ob.Dr. he thought i was going through menopause,,, but my Dr. did all the test ,blood work,ect... everthing came back ok. like right now it`s so hot i have the central air on 65deg. and my hubby is freezing,, but his so understanding! temp. outside is 69 ,,,, but to me wow! i`m hot ,,, i don`t know what`s wrong? gmom,,,,,

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    Hi Gmom,

    Thank you so much for thinking of me and adding me to the prayer request..your such a great person!!! I am feeling some what better now. Trying to take it one day at a time. How is your mom?? I am praying for you and your family!! I'm sorry you had to go to the ER, but thats good they ran all those test on you. I know it's frustrating though not knowing "WHY" sometimes.

    I am so sorry your anxiety is so bad, I know how that feels and its not fun at all, my anxiety has been worse too. Do you take anything for your anxiety?? I think you may have told me you take xanax...That's what I take. I don't know what I would do without Xanax, I have to say it really does help my anxiety some.

    I'm so sorry your still having hot flashes as well. I hope the doc can find out what is going on and why your having them. The first thing, I thought of was maybe you were going through the change. Maybe it would be a good idea to see your OB just to see what they say!! Maybe there is something there missing as to why your having hot flashes. I think I would go see a OB-GYN!!! Hopefully you will find out something soon.

    I am so glad you have a understanding husband, that makes a BIG difference. I too have a very understanding husband...we are both blessed to have them. It has actually warmed up some here from what it has been in the last few weeks. The last 2 days it has been really nice outside, about the right temputure. I'm sure it want last long though...I just dread the cold cold weather. I have a feeling we are going to have a bad winter.

    My continued prayers are with you & yours!!
    ((((Hugs)))) & Prayers

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