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    **** HI There! how are doing? hope you doing a little better,, have you rest? you know with this dd we need all the rest we can get,,, for our immune system is weak!! and me well i`m so depressed i`m gaining weight my clothes are not fitting i really don`t know what to do? you ask for my mother ,,she`s not well we put her in a nursing home ,,she`s so weak ,,i am so worried about her she`s 85 yrs old ,, she`ll be 86 in jan.she was a very active lady ,,she didn`t want to slow down,,,but this illness took her down,,, well Bluerose i`ll talk to you later and hope and pray you are feeling better,,,gmom

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Hey....How are you doing??? I hope your feeling better as well. I'm feeling a little better. I have been the same as you, just really feeling down and depressed. You make sure to get you plenty of rest too ok!! Sorry I haven't been online as much. I don't know it's like, I feel so down sometimes, I dont have the energy for anything.

    I know what you mean about your clothes not fitting...I need to go shopping for new winter clothes...my clothes have gotten tight as well, that makes us even more depressed. I'm hoping I can start going to the YMCA soon. If I only do a little at a time.

    I am so sorry you all had to put your mom in a nursing home. I know that must have been hard. It's hard on anyone when there so active to all of a sudden not being active. I hope your mom and you get to feeling better. You both are in my thoughts and prayers!!! Take Care of you & keep in touch!!

    (((Hugs))) & Prayers

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