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    Went to see the Dr.for all my pains especially my

    legs and gave the shots on my back and on my sides of my
    legs i`m feeling a little better but now wants to send

    me to the hosp. for shot on the spinal you know what i mean

    can`t spell that word {epd.} he says need to do it so my

    nerve on my back can stop hurting but i`ve heard so many things of that it just works for awhile ,,have you
    gotten a shot for that,,don`t know what to do ,,and also

    mom, she`s not doing to good ,,yesterday they thought

    she had a little stroke but won`t know until later

    today,,so yes keep me and mom in your prayers,,

    Thank you again ,,,gmom,,,,

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I am so gald to hear you went to see your doctor and he gave you shots for pain etc.. How are you feeling now??

    Oh those shots in the back...I dont know alot about those hun...I have never had one.

    How is your mom doing?? I sure hope she didn't have a stroke...i'm definately praying for you both!! I hope everything gets better for you and your mom soon!!

    ((Hugs)) & Prayers