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    Where in the mountains of Idaho are you? I am in Idaho also.
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    Where do you live teawah? Are you happy with your doctor? Not nice that you have fibro, but so nice to know there is someone at least in Idaho!

    There is another fibro friend from this board that lives in Montana, and one day when the roadsw are good we are going to meet each other. Would be cool to meet you too! I just think it would be too cool to be able to meet another fibro friend, and either "swap war stories" or just validate that we are not crazy or hypo's.
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    I left another post for you with the northwoodssue about Yoga and such. I am down by Nampa/caldwell. I live in a tiny town called Parma of which many people have never heard of. I used to live in the woods in Spirit Lake. Do you know where that is? By Hayden Lake. Also lived in the mountains of N. Cali. and outside of Spokane in Newport and in Tum Tum. Was buying property there. Left it when I left the relationship as he is more able to live that way. We were really back woods. No electricity, phone, etc. We even had to walk in during the winter because you couldn't drive in. I was never more happy than when I was in the mountains. I am happy here but if I could have it my way I would be back in the hills. I hate living around people. They can be such jerks. (smile)
    Can you tell me a little about yourself? Tell me about Salmon. I have never been there.
    My email is on my profile I think. If so email me or do you have yahoo messenger? I have an id there and we could im. It's nice to talk to somebody else that's around here.
    Oh yeah, before I forget, I really don't have a doc. I am going to go back to a former one tomorrow and see how it works out. I do need some help. I am hoping that either she will treat me or will send me to a pain clinic cause I am tired of bounching around trying to find a doc that knows something about this DD. I am really sick of being treated like a second class citizen and junkie by docs that are just out of med school and have a serious God complex. Jeezus, they are barely out of diapers and it galls me to have to sit and listen to them tell me that I just need to get used to it and it's not that bad and it's not appropriate to treat chronic pain with pain meds. "Here, just take this anti-depressant, it SHOULD help in about two to three weeks." OMG, give me a gun at those times and I would shott them in the knee and give them an aspirin and tell them the same thing. Crackpots is what they are.
    Jeez, am I ranting or what. Hope to hear from you soon.
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    bumpity bump
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    Where the heck have you been for the last 3 years? I have been driving back and forth from Ca to Idaho for 6 years because there aren't or at least there weren't any Dr's. who understood FMS.
    I actually ran away from home, I was living in Payette, at the time, and I had gone through 3 operations for Orthopedic problems, and I ended up with FMS rearing it's ugly head.
    Stay away from a Dr. Henbest, he's a Neruo Surgeon and he tore my Right Rotator Cuff due to their lack of Knowledge of FMS/MPS. I had to quit my Photograhpy Bus. and move to Ca, to get some Relief from my Pain and to get my arm fixed, I found out along the way, that I had Spinal Stenisos, with DDD, then 3 years ago, a Sharp Dr. here in Ca sent me to a Rhumotologist, who gave me the dx of FMS.

    My Hubby stayed in Payette, then moved to Weiser, I Hated Wiser, except for the Fiddle Contest's. lol.

    My Youngest Sister, still lives lives over in Ontario Ore, and she too has FMS, she too is having trouble getting treatment. I think she see's a WomenPA, who does give her some Pain Meds. My Sis. is the type that will wait till it Hurts real bad and then take it. Not me, I take mine on a regular basis, and I have improved my Life so much since I found out what the Main problem was.

    I also went through, that beging told that I had "Drug Seaking Personailty, by just about every Dr. in the the Boise, Nampa, Caldwell and of course Ore. I had a Primary Dr., who at first was helping me, I had lost over 70lb's, and he was doing all these test's. Then He had a nervous breakdown, quit his Pratice, and opened one of thoes ER Clinic's, the one in Fruitland, just before the Bridge to Ore. Living in Parma, you probably go through Nyssa.
    Well after I went to Ca. and had my Rotator cuff repaired by a Wonderful Doctor, I still see him, I had to go to the Clinic to see this Dr. because I had run out of Vicodins and needed a refill, none of the Pharmacy's would fill the rx I had since it was a Ca. Dr. I told Dr. Snyder the problem I was having and could he write me a New script, he could even call my Dr. in Ca to get an ok.
    He said, We don't Prescribe Narcotics here, What???????
    this Dr. had been treating me for about 6 years, he had seen the damage the other Dr.s did to my body, he saw the weight loss, he even said ok to smoking Pot to keep from losing any more.

    I found out later that he had to give me a Deposition for the Lawsuit I brought against Henbest, which I lost BTW, can't win aganist the "Old Boy" mentalty up there.
    I even went to a New Neurologist in Nampa, I thought Great here's a Female Neuro, maybe she can help me, at the time I was still having pain in my neck, the c4/5 need surgery now. and the arm was still torn. Turned out that she was renting Suite space from good old Henbest and his partner, so she Knew me right off the bat. you Sue a Dr. there, and you'll get lousy treatment the rest of your life.

    Wheeeew, this is long, sorry, the flood gates just opened up, haven't talked about that for awhile now.

    Anyway, Hubby Finally moved to Ca. to be with me, he left his Folks in Council, but we will be going back and forth now for summer vacations, every June, they have one. Iskip them as there's a lot of Past hurt, and a lot is due to this DD. and their lack of understanding. That's their problem.

    When I first moved up there, back in the 80's, I had a S-I-L that livd in Parama, then her hubby got a job with the Dept. Of Transportation and they moved to Ore, stationed there at Basque Camp on 95. I have driven 95 for the past 30 years, the last 6 as I said because of the Hubby staying in Idaho and me living in Ca, but doing a lot of visitng in the Spring and Summer , and I sure could have used some company, my Dr'.s in Ca would see you, but it is a Long Drive. Darn the luck. I still have some Friends up there, and now a few of them, suddenly have FMS, But they can't find anyone who is Knowledgealbe about this Syndrome.
    I gave a few thewebsite addy here last summer, don't know if they used it or not, the board has grown so much in 3 years, and I do spend most of my time over at the Chit Chat Board, Mikie makes me stay over there, lol.
    So come over and visit, tell me about what's Happening up there, and I will also talk to my Sister and find out the Name of the Gal that she see's. She's not unapproachable for Treatment as most of thoes Jerks up there.

    If I can be of any help, let me know. The best PT in the Valley is in Fruitland, Bret Natress, he's great, hates me, but that's cause i lost my case and couldn't finish paying Him. Although he made a lot from my Ins. 18months of PT., and I didn't get well. But that wasn't his fault, without him, I probably wouldn't beable to bend my knee, move my neck or know that there was something Seriouly wrong with my arm, I couldn't lift it and I had Pain.

    The Doctor's did give me Pain meds, till they thought that I should have recovered by thier timetable, and cut me off, flat. One of my SIs's and one of my Bro, sent me Meds through the mail, oops! we're busted, for a couple of months till I could move down there. That's when I KNew I wasn't Crazy, I got relief, Finally after 4 years of Misery.

    Anyway, I know some folks up that way, and maybe we could chat sometime. On the chit chat message board, we also have a Really Cool Gal, who lives up in , heck can't spell the name right, but it's Core'delene, she's a Hoot.
    we can relax and joke over there and that helps to put the Pain and the Crap out of your mind for a while at least.

    So glad to meet you, Sorry that it's because of these DD's, but maybe if enough of you Idaho gals get togeather, you could do a support group, and with the Knowledge you can get from this site, you might get a Local Dr. to at least be interested enough to try working with you.
    I know a lot of folks now, but 3 years ago I was the Lone Ranger, even my Church Friends thought I wasn't wanting to get well.
    It's frustrating, lonely, but you can overcome the dd and get some of your life back. I have. But it was a long road.

    Next year I'll honk as I cruise through Parama. ;o>
    I never made it to Salmon, but I did cover just about the rest of Idaho, Hubby likes to take Road trips, me too!