Blumenthal: IDSA not complying re Lyme guidelines--

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    (No surprise, is it?)

    From the

    Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has sent a warning shot across the bow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), saying he is concerned that it is not complying with terms of a settlement reached with his office over an antitrust investigation.

    Mr. Blumenthal, a Greenwich resident and a candidate for senate, sent a letter from his office Feb. 1 claiming the Virginia-based organization did not appear to be honoring an agreement to have what he considered to be an impartial, fact-based review of guidelines for Lyme disease practices. The IDSA is an organization of physicians, scientists and health care professionals that specialize in infectious disease and its view that Lyme disease needs only a few weeks of treatment has come under fire from advocates claiming that it’s too narrow and doesn’t acknowledge the true scope of care and treatment needed.

    Mr. Blumenthal said the IDSA appears to be violating an agreement made with his office last year ...

    (he) charges that a review of minutes and records of the review panel’s meetings determined that the principle vote on the medical and scientific justification of the original recommendations never took place and that instead the IDSA voted only on whether changes needed to be made to them, effectively skipping the first step to get to the second.

    The Greenwich-based Time For Lyme says that it supports Mr. Blumenthal in his efforts. Diane Blanchard, the group’s co-president, told the Post on Tuesday that there is “major concern” among advocates for Lyme disease that the IDSA isn’t using the best data for its positions and the effect that will have as a result.

    “The IDSA is a very influential group not only in America but all over the world and it will affect hundreds of thousands of patients,” Ms. Blanchard said. “Other countries will follow what they do. This is a real concern.”

    Ms. Blanchard said that the IDSA’s attitude toward Lyme disease is “fairly cavalier” because it says that its easy to diagnose and easy to treat even as data comes in saying just the opposite. Ms. Blanchard and Time For Lyme said that even though Lyme disease starts out as an infectious disease it spreads throughout the body, making it more of a disease that should be treated by general practitioners or a combination of specialists, not just infectious disease specialists.

    Additionally, Ms. Blanchard said that IDSA’s stance has curtailed Lyme disease patient’s rights and their access to care and made it easier for insurance companies to deny more extensive care, something she said is “criminal.”

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    Thanks for posting this.

    I hope AG Blumenthal keeps it up!!! The IDSA needs to keep feeling the pressure.
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    for posting this.

    What can the combined total of Lyme patients (in the U.S. and world-wide) and all of us who love these Lyme patients do to be a LOUD VOICE to promote change in the IDSA, CDC, AMA, etc?? One big law suit?.. or all of us filing individually at the same time? Together we are an army. We are furious about how our doctors are being harrassed too.

    Perhaps that law suit would wake them up to the extent of years of pain and suffering they have caused us by their failure to diagnose, their misdiagnoses, and all the professional abuse. Their ignorance and stubborness is robbing and costing us HUGELY in so many ways, as individuals, families, the work force, as a community, country, globally....

    It is criminal and inhumane the way they ignore such suffering...
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    and would take years. I think Blumenthal had the power to cut thru that since he filed the suit under the anti-trust laws, as the att'y general for the state of Conn.

    He is also running for office as (not sure) either state or fed sen. or rep. I'm sure this will be a pillar of his platform, and that people of Conn. should really appreciate what he's doing on this issue. Altogether it brings a lot of attention to the problems with IDSA and Lyme, etc. It should help him politically while helping the citizens, a win-win situation imho!

    I'd sure vote for him if I lived there!

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