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    I have just been to see the eye specialist.

    What a pleasant surprise, no stupid comments or lectures on a doctor's interpretation of this disease is, believe me I've heard them all.

    Anyway the problem I have is being made very much worse because I have CFS. The ususal treatment is exercises which she has stated will only make matters worse, this had actually happened in other areas of muscle damage so I unfortunately knew she was right.

    It was also severe enough to warrant referral for surgery but once again she thought the muscles would be made even worse if this were attempted.

    So good not to have to explain everything but bad because this condition makes the usual treatment routes unavailable to me.

    Anyway got to have my prescription changed. I know many of us find it takes many attempts to get the prescription right due to problems with the focussing muscles, but has anyone come up with the ideal time to get the test done so that it's right for most of the time?

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    I hope someone has an answer because I have so many pairs of glasses in all different strengths lying around. My need for glasses can change dramatically inside of a couple of hours. Sometimes I need them to drive, sometimes I don't, etc. The only correlations I have found are with sleep (more sleep means better vision the next day) and with allergies (more allergies means blurrier vision).
    My last test was done on one of my good days, and as a result, the reading part of the bifocals was no good almost immediately after I got the glasses home. I now buy only cheap Magnavision reading glasses at the drugstore....and they hold up better too!
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    Thanks for your input.

    Have your eye muscles been found to be "unstable" too? Apart from the weakness making me unable to focus properly the specialist told me that they were jittery.

    Oh well suppose I'll just get used to the double vision and fog.

    At least I have the satisfaction or producing strange reactions when I close my dominant eye to read signs etc, I'm sure people thinking I'm winking at them and can't understand why.
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    I was beginning to think all eye doctors were incompetent! (not really.....but NEVER in the past 3 years have I been able to see well even with new glasses ....3 times in the past year and a half). I know my visual blurriness and double-vision correlate to the severity of my exhaustion, but to see someone else explain this in terms I can understand is quite a relief to me. Thank you for unwittingly giving me support when I was starting to think "I" was somehow blowing my exams.

    BTW, the one and only doctor who has ever seemed to take me seriously about this explains it as sensory overload and tired muscles. A good explanation, but did nothing for my feeling somehow it was still "my fault".

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    I've had focussing problems throughtout my illness. Its only in the last two years I've had double and blurred vision.

    It's much worse during flare ups and when I get tired.

    We are all too often treated as though we are freaks when we tell doctors what is happening, just knowing what is going on helps but too few are willing to investigate our problems thoroughly.

    Ive been offered a field test to see if there's any nerve damage. Although if there is they can do nothing about it I need to know.

    It's often such a relief to know how many others experience particular problems, if they can also offer means of dealing with them all the better.

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    How many of you find that your ability to read text correctly depends upon the font used and of course the size of it?

    I not only have difficulties with any elaborate font but most serif fonts too, sans serif are so much easier.

    I have to edit some of my messages because until they are posted I cannot see some of the errors I have made.


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    or as it is now know CMP? I have this and the Trigger Points called the SCM's can cause my eyes to go Blurry, when I'm on my Soma's I try not to read, because it's a muscle Relaxer, and that makes the Eye muscle weak.

    I have my eye's checked once a year and I rally haven't had to much change Vision wise, but I do need the UVprotection in all my Glasses. I wear Dark Glasses outside, and when I'min a Store or anyplace that has thoes Neon light's, they hurt my eye's., and the buzzing drives me batty too.

    You might want to check out Trigger points and how they can effect the eye's. The SCM's (Sternocieidomastoid which is rally a Group of muscles, also cause Sinius Pain) , trapezius, temporalis TrPs can cause a lot of the problems, if you use the search engine I bet you'd get some good sites that can explain how the Trigger's work. My favorite site is by Devin Starlanyl, there is also an article on this sites Library about Trigger Points, but they don't deal with CMP here as much as they do FMD/CFS, and I think some of the problems cloud be helped by knowing what Trigger Points are and how to treat them.
    Sure made a Difference in My life.

    I can't Pronunce Sternocieidomastoid, but I try any way, and the last time I used it at the Dr's office he just Cracked up, said it Right, and I told him, Yep that's the one, and that's why he get's the Big Bucks, he can pronounce the Big Words, lol. He's a real Doll.

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    Your message has been very helpful including the mention of sinus pain. No longer have chronic sinusitis but do get a lot of odd pains in the sinuses and eyesocket around worst effected eye.

    There's real discomfort there all the time. Have been treating my blepharitis but the inflammation was the same in both eyes, so it was not considered the cause of the pains and discomfort. The problem with CFS and FMS is that doctors read we feel pain more so often dismiss it or tell us it's not really that bad. It's frustrating when over the years the pains I have been concerned about have resulted in damage/long term problems.

    I too have serious difficulties with strip lights. Can't watch TV for more than half an hour. Not only do eyes go but it really effects my brain too. Can't function at all well, balance and coordination get knocked for six too.


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