blurred vision and dizziness what could that be?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by doxygirl, Feb 23, 2007.

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    This morning I woke up so sicky......I had a migraine and also having problems with my eyes.......I thought it was my contact I took them out and put on my no avail!

    I felt dizzy and was having blurred vision?

    I have too many problems and it is always something.....but this is kind of worrysome ......does anyone know if maybe this could just be a new symptom of my migraines?

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    Sometimes I have these symptoms and nausea before the headaches start.

    If you weren't having a migraine, I would say it could also be a sign of diabetes but my bet is on the migraines.

    I've had them for over 20 years. All sorts of weird things can happen with them. Sometimes I throw up, sometimes I see flickering lights, sometimes I have arm pain, blurry vision, diahhrea. So many weird things with migraines.

    When I am getting one, I take meds for nausea and dizziness, my Norco, and a muscle relaxer. I've tried all sorts of stuff but this is the best combo for me.
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  4. hi there.i woke up yesterday morning with the same thing,blurred vision and dizziness,and today im feeling very sickly in my stomach,just not myself at all today.

    the only thing i can think of, to have made this happen to me is..

    i went for my yearly eye test at the opticians two days ago.he shone lights in my eyes,to inspect if alls well in there.and also had me near a machine that tests the pressure behind the eyes.
    this thing blows air at the eye,kind of forces your head back when the air hits the eyes.

    well now i have that severe sickly pain at the back of the eyes,so im guessing that my blurred vision and dizziness might indicate that im having a migraine attack.

    i havent been able to sleep for the pain, in the night,and keep feeling like i might have to vomit.
    im not risking taking a pain pill,because then i know i most definately will throw it back up.i can tell its a migraine.

    i hope you feel better soon,just sip water,rest as much as so glad that its saturday,and i dont have to go to work today.

    kind regards