blurry spots of vision - not floaters?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Applyn59, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Does anyone else get these dot like things that
    move across your eyes? I do not mean floaters.
    I have plenty of them and this is in no way the same

    It's like a blurry field going across my eye.
    It's not something in my eye, like if it's filmy.
    It is something entirely different and it
    is scaring me.

    If you get it could you please describe it or tell
    me if you know what causes it?

  2. itsfm

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    Yeah I think know exactly what your talking about.. I'd describe it as a round/oddshaped part of your vision that if you could imaging taking what your seeing and making a crazy squiggly pen mark out of it.. sorta like a scrambled cable tv signal or something but if you try hard to look around it you can get by until it goes away.. I've had that happen in one or both eyes at the same time lots of times. I've never figured out what it is. Sometimes I've noticed that when that happens its around the time that I've felt sorta like i've had low blood sugar but not really the same as low blood sugar.. if that makes sense..

  3. bonwar

    bonwar New Member

    ...about this and she said she thought is was a migraine effect. I am pretty certain I have read that migraine is an FM thing. The fuzzy spot(s) seem to happen more often when I am outdoors (like driving, where it drives me nuts).

    My Mum and sister have migraine headaches, but I never have one (touch wood).

  4. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    It's been such a relief to find out this week that these blurry spots are part of FM. Mine don't move, they just obscure the center of my vision. When they first started I tried to clean my glasses!

    I also get other manifestations in my vision - and these I can still see when I close my eyes. These are "squigglies". They are clear and seem to vibrate a little. They look like the phenomenon of heat rising into the air from a hot road surface or the hood of a car. I consulted an ophthalmologist and was told they are "visual migraines".

    That could be the proper name for them, but since migraines are also part of FM, it would stand to reason.

    You mention triple vision. Hm-m-m. That does happen to me as part of a phenomenon I haven't seen mentioned by anyone so far. It usually happens when I'm driving (horrors) and sometimes when I'm watching TV or reading, and when I'm really tired.

    What happens is this: my vision starts to blur completely (not in spots). If I shake my head, it clears for a second but blurs again almost immediately. If I don't shake my head and just try to keep seeing through the blur, that's when the vision suddenly triples - one on top of the other. Shaking the head works again for a second. If I continue to let it go I just "black out" - fall asleep?

    One of the first times this happened I was driving on I-95 leaving Wash DC at rush hour!! No place to even pull over. Scariest experience of my life.

  5. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    What u are describing sounds like floaters to me.
    My blurry things are round dots.

    Yours sounds worse. I was just at a website
    that shows all the different eye problems and
    what it looks like to have the problem.
    I couldn't find anything about mine there.

    I will find the address for you.

  6. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member


    It's an ORGanization called visionconnection

    HOpe it helps you.

  7. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Check out the site I gave Betsy.
    There is a condtion there that sounds
    like what you are saying.

    My round dots of blurriness move around.
    It is always there and very annoying.

  8. rozchuv

    rozchuv New Member

    Hi Lynn,
    Yes i have had what sounds like the things you describe. I have plenty of floaters too so when it happened i was frightened and went to an eye Dr. It turned out to be a world class floater & took a long time to resolve but it finally did go away. Then about a year ago I got some flashing lights at the corner of my eye and another huge floater. Back to the eye Dr. who said it was a big floater and it was tugging on the retina. But, once again, not to worry it should resolve and it has. Good Luck but I think it's always best to get eyes checked out. In the early part of my illness I had almost constantly blurring vision. Now it's occasional. LOL
  9. jmac

    jmac New Member

    The vision stuff is finally what prompted me to go to the doctors (AGAIN) and finally get my FM diagnosis. It is really scarry ... I know what you are talking about.

    I would have wavy arches in one eye and blind spots and what I call foggy white areas for as long as 1 hour at a time. My doctor even sent me to a neurologist who did a brain MRI. OF course, the neurologist was certain this was classic migrain symptoms even though I told him 4 times I did not have headaches.

    I guess in the end, it was just chalked up to my FM and the strange, invisible things that are wrong with me. On the one hand, it's nice to know something that scarry is harmless; on the other hand, it drives you crazy and there's nothing you can do except blame the FM.

    Hope the annoyance is tolerable :)
  10. ohmyaching

    ohmyaching New Member

    I always like to tell people with eye problems to get checked for polymyalgia rhuematica (PMR). PMR has symptoms similar to fibromyalgia. A condition called giant cell arteritis sometimes develops in people with PMR and this could eventually cause permanent blindness. Early detection can prevent this from happening. Your doctor can test your sed count to see if it is high. Ask your doctor about this, especially if you are experiencing painful headaches and short periods of sight loss.
  11. franners

    franners New Member

    I get that same stuff but mine are like dots that are black with fuzzy white stuff all around them and they stay still. And I get a real deep blurriness when I drive and have had to pull off and could not drive.. My one friend kept saying it was a panic attack (thinks she's a doc and a shrink all the time) but I was not having one of those. No headache with either one.. I have light sensitivity and can not even be around flouresents..
  12. Donna39

    Donna39 New Member

    Goodmorning to all-I have had this same problem.The first time it happened to me I had walked out in the sun and when I came back in the house,it looked like it was filled with smoke.Everything started turning white and cloudy.This scared me to death because I didn't know what was going on,never had it happen before.It has only done it a few times since and it is always when I go in the sun and come back in the house. Have no idea what is causing this.Is it part of this DD,and if so-why?
  13. CdnGirl

    CdnGirl New Member

    I too get dots that are black with fuzzy white stuff all around them and they stay still in the peripheal area (spelling). At lot of the time I get a real deep blurriness especially when I drive. I have had to pull off the road because this freaky thing causes a panic attack! I also have a sensitivity to light and do not handle lights at night well or have difficulty going from a dark to light room instantly.

    Wow am I pleased! Here I had no idea that other FM sufferers had visual problems. I am normal!
  14. meow7

    meow7 New Member

    Mine are like when you stare at the sun and continue to see sun spots. Tehy seem like they are coming from one eye but they are not. If I cover one eye at a time it is obviously coming from both. It may last a half hour or so. I have been told they are silent migraines. I do not get a headache.
  15. 3066pat

    3066pat New Member

    katieI have simular reactions to aaronkatie. I was wondering if it was due to my medication. Wellbutrin or Prozac. Are any of you taking these medications?
  16. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Sorry you are going through so much. When
    I saw my eye dr last week he said mine was a new
    floater. He couldn't really explain about the thing
    that happened where I thought I was losing my
    vision. It coincided with my numb leg that I never
    got before like that.

    What kind of eye pain are you talking about?
    I have burning eyes a lot and do get allergic
    conjunctivitis. I was taking Alocril eye drops
    but he just gave me a sample of Patonal to try.
    I think I like this new one better and will get
    a script.

    I have a pain in the bone above my eye that always
    bothers me. I forgot about it but it's very tender.
    Does anyone else get that??

    Hope things improve for both of us, Betsy.
    It can only go uphill from where we are!