Blurry Vision and Chills

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    When I am crashing or flaring (still doubt what is going on with me,( one of the first things I notice is my vision starts getting so blurry is this part of the dd. Also I have chills even in 80 degree weather.

    The blurry vison and chills along with the deep throbbing bone aches in my legs and the fatigue has been my symptoms this week while crashing.

    Could the chills and vision be a part of the DD as it seems to come and go along with the crash, pain doesn't seem to be what puts me to bed its all this other crap.

    One doc told me the chills and vision could be sinus related, but I don't seem to have any sinus problems as yet. So confused.

    Venting, thanks,
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    Thanks for the bump
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    I had a lyme test which came back negative. Not sure what lab but think it was the western blot.

    How did you get your dx, your treatment etc.?

    When I take an antibiotic I feel so much better, after about 4 days off the antibiotic the whole mess starts again.

    I do not have joint pain or swelling just the bone aches.

    Thank you so much,
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    I read you bio. you and your symptoms sounds so much like me.. I am from also a southern gal. Please info on how to get a good lyme test.

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    Misery isn't it? I don't think its the flu, I don't have any cold symptoms but again everytime I go to the doc with this he says sinus and other than the morning headache that goes away after I get up I have no sinus symptoms.

    Its beginning to be a pattern, horrible leg aches, chills,
    the fatigue that makes you feel like the life has been sucked out of you, the weird head,dizzy feeling, ear fullness , unable to sleep , the blurry vision.

    Oh, the doc did say blurry vision was a sign of sinus infection. If this is sinus then I have had it for 6 years and never took enough antibiotic at one time to clear it up.

    Could this just be how my body crashes? Its a once a month thing. My anxiety is so much worse during this. So I take my antibiotic, bufferin, xanax and stay in bed. Feeling guilty over not being able to do.

    My doc acts if its nothing or he is just puzzled.

    Thanks for your reply ,
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    I really appreaciate your input. Did your "spells or symptoms" come and go? That is what puzzels me, I will be not so bad for days then it hits and knocks me off my feet to bed for days. Its just a roller coaster.

    Seems my symptoms come and go, I feel like I am dying today and trying to get a birthday dinner for my son, the gang will be here around 6 and all I can do is cry, go to bed get up do a little and on and on.

    Yes, I did have the lyme test I think it was a western blot I am not sure what lab probably a local one since my doc did it in his office.

    Thank you so much,

  8. hi all,

    i know i have blurred vision,and mine is a side affect from a allergy med that im taking just now.

    but i also have the chills ocasionally,and i prefer these instead of having those horrible hot sweats that i would get,when i was taking amitriptyline.(im off that now). doctor knows that i have no womb and ovaries,but she asked me if im chilled (cold),often.

    i said yes,now that im off amitriptyline.

    she says i am to have a swab in my lady area,(this thursday),to see if i am dehydrated.

    i suspect that hormone replacement therepy might be offered to me.

    ive managed without it for 14 years,as it used to make my breasts very big,and extremely painfull,that i couldnt wear clothing near my breasts.

    also theres breast cancer (my mums, mum),in my family,and back in the 1990,s the advice was to,not take HRT if theres cancer in the family.

    i hear that in one years time,a new HRT spray will be released on the market.

    you,ll just do one spray on the inner arm,once a day,and thats it.

    take care all,love fran


    update on my swab for any lady area, (vaginal),problems.

    nothing was detected as being wrong in my vagina,so im well happy about that.

    love fran
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