Bobcat ran into the side of my car

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kriket, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. kriket

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    Well folks. I have the most interesting things happen to me. I was driving home 2 nights ago and the roads were wet, when all of a sudden out darts this huge bobcat running as fast as he can. I could not swerve or I would have probably had a major wreck since the roads were wet.

    So, I knew we were going to colllide. It was too late to do anything but close my eyes and bear it. So, I did and all I heard was this huge BOOM!!! I was so shaken that it hit my car. So I turned around to check on it and it was laying on its side kicking its feet a little.

    Was almost home. I went ahead and went home, but something just told me to go back. So I did.

    When I went back he miraculously had gotten up and moved himself to the shoulder of the road and was just sitting there swaying. HE KNOCKED HIMSELF OUT!! I wanted to look at him a little closer to make sure he was ok, so I drove over onto the shoulder and he went in to the weeds and ran into the woods, so turned out he is ok, but I bet he had one major headache and is very sore today!!!

    Thought there was no damage to my car as I looked at the front where I thought he hit. WRONG!!!! He ran right smack into the side of my car. I was driving about 60. I have two dents and one of them is a NICE one on the back passenger door.

    Anyway, kind of long, just thought I'd share the story.

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    Wow! What a thing to Have happen to you! I know where i grew up there were Mountian Lions around alot and Deer and cyotes,,,I'm so Glad you never got hurt! and so Brave of you to go back to check on Him!,,,,,,,,,

    They must be tuff animals,, just to knock himself out! a happy ending indeed,,,Except for your Nerves and Dents in the Car,,, Hope your o.k.,,,,,,,,S
  3. pumpkinpatch

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    Boy that's one tough guy.

    I must be braindead tonight because when I first starting reading your post I was thinking Bobcat as in a Tractor Bobcat!! Running as fast as it can!!! Duh. Gave me a little chuckle anyway.

  4. joyfully

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    I wish I could see the facial expression on your insurance adjustor when you tell him that a bobcat ran into your car!
  5. JLH

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    I would probably have a heart attack if a bobcat ran into the side of my car!

    Thank goodness YOU are OK and it didn't damage your car to the extent that the bobcat could have gotten inside your car and attacked you!

    There are no bobcats, to my knowledge, in our neck of the woods, so if I had hit one, I would have hoped that it killed it! I know, everyone must think that I am cold hearted and an animal hater, but I'm not--REALLY!!

    We have started to see coyotes in our area and a bear every now and then. I would rather not see any animals like that in our hills--or any that would be a danger to our cattle herd.

    Hope you don't have any trouble getting your car fixed -- and hope you don't have anymore of these "close" run-ins!!

    Stay safe!
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    joyfully- I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm just gonna let the dent go. it's a good conversation piece!! HA!!! I live in the country,so you have a chance at running into anything.(or it runnung into you)LOL

    cindycor- Boy you were having a brain fog moment!!!! LOL

    Boyfriend and I laughed at that one!!!!

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  7. WOW do you have them alot in your area?! That is scarey. I would be petrified. Yes what a story to tell .
  8. kriket

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    Yes. They are everywhere here. I live in the country. Usually you don't see these things crossing the highway, but guess since it was so late at night. It was about 1:50am in the morning. They are very skidish animals and very sly. Usually we see them in wooded areas.

  9. aren't you afraid to let your dogs out with those bobcats around? Or do they usually roam at night?
  10. kriket

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    Our little doggies stay inside all the time. Our three other dogs stay outside.

    Usually bobcats are more after rabbits and things like that. We don't really hav a problem with them coming up to our house.

    There has been a mountain lion spotted just less than a mile from my boyfriends house. Several people have seen it and they have all said it is huge. I hope that thing don't run into my car. LOL

    Mountain lions are very aggressive and usually attack baby calves and deer. Bobcats will too, but a mountain lion is much much bigger!!!