body aches, can't take much more

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lynncats, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    hello all. I'm having a rough day!! Feel like I've been run over by a mack truck. I ache EVERYWHERE. The only thing I'm on right now, is multi-vitamins, and vit. D. The other meds my rheumy has tried made me feel like a zombie, Cymbalta, can't think of the other one, and then ambiencr, that didn't make me sleep at all. What has everyone been on to "kill" this achy flu like pain? Any suggestions would be so appreciated. P.S. I just tried to call my rheumy, was put on hold, then somehow disconnected, tried to call back and went to the darn voicemail. I'm gonna try to call again. Don't know how long I can take this feeling.

    Take care

  2. frickly

    frickly New Member

    The only thing that helps me is a good nights sleep. I take tramadol before bed it I am having a bad day. This helps me sleep well, however, I have heard from others that it keeps them awake. I also, sometimes, take an herbal supplement for sleep. Of course, this dosn't get rid of all the pain but a good nights sleep does help. Hope things improve soon.

    Take care,
  3. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Tramadol has been the most effective for me. It does not sedate me and have been on the same dosage almost four years.

    If I get a headache or muscle pains from overdoing it, the tramadol does not work for this.

    When the doctor gave me vicodin, it did nothing.

    Good luck.


    ETA I just posted an article why some pain relievers do not work for our DD. I think that Tramadol works in a different part of the brain.[This Message was Edited on 06/15/2009]
  4. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    i haven't tried it but a friendd of mine says she sprays lavender in her pillow and rubs lavender scent baby lotion on her feet and she can sleep may work if not you smell good and have baby soft skin.

    my doctor perscribed amitryptlin for me because i couldn't sleep and like the other said tramodol helped me too.

    hope you get releif soon
  5. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    well....i am sure many on this board think i'm nuts...and i am still really sick...but i am still banking on antiviral treatment to work one day lol
  6. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    The aching is a big symptom for me. The only things that have helped me are doxycycline or/and antihistamine.

    And, of course, rest. Yechy, horrible, boring, ugly rest.

    Best to you,
  7. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Sometimes it seems I can feel every square inch of my body throbbing, from my scalp to my toes, also inside my gut. I have been taking misc pain meds for about 3 yrs, now on Methadone w Norco for breakthru pain. Also I am on a stimulant med which helps a lot (see the thread "Opioid Potentiators").

    I used to take Malic Magnesium which helped, in fact I just ordered some more. I'm terrible at sticking w supplements, I ran out over a month ago and finally placed an order last night to refill everything. Also, D3 is a good one...for FM and Depression.

    Some are helped by soaking in a bath w Epsom Salts. I always end up in the tub during a flare, feels so good. Also, my heating pad is my friend along w lots of soft pillows.

    Ibuprofen helps reduce inflammation, but not everyone can take it. I tried Tramadol w no luck, as usual we all react to meds differently.

    Please do call your doc, don't suffer needlessly. Pain is so stressful, and stress causes more pain, it's a bummer of a vicious cycle. You may have to try several meds before you find the right one, that's what seems to happen to most of us here. Good luck.....

  8. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    When the ache is down to the bone, the only thing that gives me a tiny bit of relief are pain medications.
    I also take a muscle relaxer (Soma)

    Tramadol didn't do a thing for me - but obviously it helps a lot of others. It is absolutely trial and error to see what helps best.
  9. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    Yep, the only thing that I can recommend is what's already been mentioned - trial & error. For me, Soma & Oxycodone (or Fentanyl, when I can afford it) are what work best. Also, sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Oh, and as little stress as possible, plus living with someone who absolutely understands and doesn't think that pushing you to do more than you're capable of doing is the way to deal with the pain. We already feel guilty, so having someone else attempt to make us feel more guilt is not the way to fix us.

    One other thing that has helped relax me is listening to Glenn Harrold's hypnotherapy recordings. You can find them on and on his own personal website (his name is the url) - I only listen to the relaxing and sleep recordings. I find his voice and his accent really relaxing.
  10. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    thank you so much for your advise/suggestions. I will talk to my rheumy on the 22nd, hell, i think I'll call back and talk to my nurse. Don't know if I'll last till the 22nd. but truly, thank you to all that responded. This board and all of you are great. I'm off now to the couch, fun, fun, lol.


  11. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I have episodes of that and I can always trace it back to something I've taken or done.
    e.g. had to stop Vit D, as it sped me up which tightens my muscles = achies
    Started a new enzyme & found out it was also speeding me up (too strong) = achies
    Gluten intolerant, so if I touch anything (sometimes I cheat) it'll do the same as above

    When I'm about to scream with it, I'll double up on everything that's "calming". e.g.
    Rescue Remedy/Calms Forte/my sleep meds/light massage/no stimulation/stress from anywhere e.g. people talking/ loudness of any kind/no heat of any kind e.g. hot baths for me are a trigger as is a hot room/even a sunlit room is too much, so I have a blackout bedroom.

    My last episode took me a week to get over it, as I had to check everything that could be causing it. And it was all about calming my system down.

    I still have to be careful about overdoing "anything". Whatta life!!

  12. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    Your only nuts if you dont try to help yourself. Keep plodding along girl.

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