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  1. JLH

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    For more info on this subject, see a post from "sofy" titled: Intimate with a med student.

    (I first thought this was a post about "having an affair with a med student!" and read it and found out that it was on the subject that we talked about not long ago -- donating our bodies to science!

    If you are interested in this topic .... PLEASE SEE HER POST --IT HAS A LOT OF INFO ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    post from: sofy

    Intimate with a med student 01/11/06 10:52 AM

    There was a post not long ago about donating our bodies to research. I have thought of donating my body to the state medical school so the med students can use me to learn.

    After reading the post I actually emailed the med school and today I got the forms in the mail. Now I just need the push to fill them out.

    There is no cost involved to the family, in fact, it is the one way to have a zero cost death. That part of "beating the system really appeals to me." The thought of my loved one spending thousands to burn me up or put me in the ground seems so senseless to me.

    Even in death I will be smiling a "I beat you smirk"


    SEE POST FOR NUMEROUS REPLIES........................

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    I made the same misinterpretation that you did. In respect, I find the title amusing.
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    ending is through the Neptune society or something similar.

    25 years ago, for $400 they would pick up the body in a station wagon, have it cremated and ashes scattered at sea. Even tho it must have gone up by a substantial amount, it's still cheaper than a burial.

    I think people who spend a fortune on a wedding are kinda crazy, but a fortune on a funeral seems even nuttier.

    Here in LA a funeral plot can cost $30,000 - $50,000.
  4. Smiffy

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    I think you'd have to have a sense of humour to do the job without cracking WakemeUp; I've left my body to my local university. They can make all the jokes they like, I shan't hear them.
  5. darude

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    Want someone to benefit somewhere along the line. Also don't want a funeral or my family to pay out huge expenses so this way they just take me!!!!!!!!
  6. sofy

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    If you only want people with a straight serious face dealing with your dead body then so be it but can you imagine what kind of human being they are to be around if they do not have a way to deal with what they are doing all day long. You dont want them taking that heavy burden home to their spouses and kids.

    Humor is one of the greatest stress relievers and I cant imagine a more pleasant surrounding that a bunch of happy people surrounding me in my passing. I would think it would make them much better humans when they are dealing with those in desperate health.

    I would hate to have an intensive care nurse who only looked and cared for me with the look on her fact that the truth is I was apt to die any minute. No give me a joke and make me and those around me laugh. Laughter is very healing.

    My poor mother was like that she couldnt stand the thought of anyone touching her dead body and I cant tell you how much time she spent dwelling on this before her death and making herself miserable about it.

    No amount of reassuring her that her wishes would be carried out would placate her. She created her own hell befor she passed obsessing about it.
  7. JLH

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    My condolences on the loss of your son. I can't imagine the grief that you must have gone through since his passing. However, I admire your act of kindness in donating his body to science.

    My daughter is in her last year of residency. With generous people such as yourself, she was able to get a better education in hopes that she may help many more people in her years as a doctor.

    In her med school, there was no joking around in the lab, they were to treat the person they were studying with the utmost respect, and she said they all followed that code. She had "Bob" (the name she gave her man) on her mind quite a bit.

    When that class was over, they had a memorial service. At the time of the donation, the family was given the option of their loved one being returned for burial or not.

    Thank you again for your gift to science.

  8. sofy

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    I dont think I even said how sorry I am for the terrible loss you suffered. Im sorry for the omission but that doesnt mean I feel any less sorrow for your pain.

    You giving spirit is a lesson for us all in how to handle one of the hardest parts of living -- losing a loved one. The world would be a better place if each of us could turn such tragedy into a love and giving.

    There is never enough love and giving spirit to go around in this world and way too much bitterness. They are both contageous. Thank you for spreading the good.
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    I should ask my doctor about this. Need to ask hubby first. I always told hubby I wanted to be cremated. But this is even better because I have so many illness and may shed light on some of them.

  10. Alyndra

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    While I won't rule this out as an option (may take some time for me to wrap my brain around this) the only thing I can imagine right now is seeing the faces of the students when they hear my medical history; and then the look on the teachers face when every one of his students drops the course.

    It seems much more logical to go this route of donating my body to science, rather then the previous idea of donating my body to the local museum for the study of modern day mummification.

    HOPEFULLY at 22 I'll have plently of time to think about this.


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