Body Stiffening up at times?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Wolverine

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    Hey all. After recently being diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency, I've been on Hydrocortisone at pretty high doses, with all sorts of mixed results.

    Im not sure how much this has to with the HC, as I was also having it at times in the months before starting it.

    I sometimes am going through periods of my body stiffening up. Usually its more on the left side of the body. Its like an ache in the chest and arm muscles, more concentrated on the left side. I often can feel my pulse strongly in the left side of my neck, and it gets worse until there is a pulling feeling down the left arm, left neck, and left chest muscle. It's also in the other side of the body, but much more pronounced on the left.

    It's a scary feeling.. really not sure what it is. I have to lay very still during this, and the more I move the stiffer i feel.. movement becomes slowed. Sometimes it even progresses to a point where my heart starts to palpitate very fast and I sweat (I've only started sweating again since starting HC, before that i've barely sweated in YEARS).

    Not alot relieves it, I usually take some magnesium which can help a little, or valium can settle it a bit too, but generally just have to wait the episode out. I try to keep calm but when it gets to the worst point there is almost panic type feelings coming on, i have to REALLY concentrate and try not to let that happen.

    Anyone else get this or have any idea what it may be?
  2. star273

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    First of all I know the panic you feel. Others have posted about this too but it was awhile ago.
    Mine is mostly on the right side of my body. I take xanax and it seems to relieve it for the most part. I have been to a neurologist and had many tests. They found nothing. They just said it is connected to the fibro, nerve thing.
    I always try and stretch everyday. Try some yoga or just laying on the floor or even sitting in a chair and stetching. Whatever you can do will help. The worst thing you can do is to lay still. It tenses up the muscles even more. Stretching works the best to keep it at bay, but the xanax does wonders. Its not a large dose, just a small one works.
    I seem to have it more when I am really stressed. Do you find that too? The magnesium also helps but you have to take it everyday to make sure it works. I also do breathing exercises and that helps too. Please let me know if you have any other questions. This was the first symptom for me that I had fibro. This was the thing that sent me to the Dr.
    Hang in there.
  3. justlooking

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    Every post I read of yours makes me worry about you. Based on your posts, I know you've been to the ER but have you been to any other Drs?

    I don't know how the medical system works in Australia, but do you have access to a Primary Care Dr or even better an Endocrinologist, Neurologist or another type of specialist who can get to the bottom of this for you.

    I can't imagine what you are going through and it must be more scary to not know what is going on and how to fix it.

    It appears as though you haven't been taken completely seriously at the hospital (based on the rude comments by the nurse) and I'm sure they have discussed you amongst themselves after you left each time. I am afraid they aren't really doing all they can or should do for you because they may be somewhat biased by the fact you have CFS.

    In the USA, many of the ER DRs are still in "training" and aren't always the best at diagnosing chronic conditions. Sometimes the person you see is a first year resident, who has no real experience and has only what they've read in a Medical book or learned in Medical school to go on. So many times it takes a very experienced specialist to get a diagnosis because they recognize signs or symptoms inexperienced people may not. Anyway, I really hope you have another set of Drs to turn to so you can get the best possible treatment.

  4. Wolverine

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    Yeah the stiffness isn't a constant muscular thing thats there kind of 'from waking up onward'.. its more of a sudden attack type thing. I can be fine in the muscle etc and then over an hour or so i'll start getting strangely stiff over the body and i wont feel like i can move freely without everything getting more tense, then come the palpitations and sweating.

    It may partially be to do with the hydrocort and dosing it.. ive noticed if i've had higher doses in the day this problem is likely to happen much more easily.

    I've seen some improvement in the last few days, and hope it continues. Bigger windows of feeling a bit better.. so i guess i will be staying with the HC for a while.

    I am under endocrinologists, but have never seen a neurologist. I've thought of it lately and could be good. At the moment im trying to establish some sort of stability first so I can even leave the house again to go to drs appts and so on. Tommorrow it will be 3 weeks since ive stepped out of my appartment.

    Yes alot of the immediate medical profession (ER drs etc) are unfortunately n00bs in the sense that they know the basics of medicine and so on, but they THINK they know everything already, therefore hold an all knowing attitude which is often arrogant and rude, because "what would the stupid, lowly patient know compared to me".

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