Body 'Twitches' and 'Jerks' at night...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BelleoftheSouth, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. BelleoftheSouth

    BelleoftheSouth New Member

    Am I the only one with this problem?

    As soon as I get relaxed my body twiches and will jerk somewhat violently, then it seems to calm down...

    Is it from the painkillers and xanax I take?

    Should I be worried?

    Have a Happy Sunday All.

  2. gypsywomyn

    gypsywomyn New Member

    I am not on meds at this time and I do get the body jerks and twitching. There is a condition called BFS which might explain it. If you can't find it and need more info let me know.
  3. mamaeagle0103

    mamaeagle0103 New Member

    My body has been doing this for so long now I have grown accustomed to it. I also twitch and jerk while awake. It can make walking real hard when it is bad. I just deal with it. I Have told all of my doctors about it and they just look at me. Not even an UGH HUGH, to acknowledge I have said anything. Oh well, just thought I'd share.
  4. browneyes259

    browneyes259 New Member

    I have had the same problem. Causing me trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. Also my husband says I flail around all night long, kicking him and flipping around.

    I'm seeing Dr. Spurlock at the FFC in Dallas. He Dx'd me personally with Restless Leg Syndrome. I take Klonopin before bed and it has helped immensely.

    I also take Neurontin for painful neuropathy in my legs. Tingling, burning, decreased sensation feelings. The Neurontin has really helped alot.

    Hope some of this helps.

  5. JuliannaG

    JuliannaG New Member

    you are not alone!

    My father, who doesn't have my illness, also is a very "twitchy" sleeper.

    It could be linked to "restless legs syndrome".
  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    cynbalta really made me jerk like crazy...higher the dosage the move i moved...i did it here at the computer themouse would be flying...

    but then they sweitched me to concert same the meds are out of my system i think the jerking is not nearly as bad...

    i move alot in my sleep...been not to kick a few men out of my bed.hee hee...literally kicked them in bed...

    talke to your pharmisct of dr... and is great to read about meds side effects

  7. BelleoftheSouth

    BelleoftheSouth New Member

    I thought it was just me and I had finally outdone the FibroWorld.

    Happy Saturday All...

  8. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    this seems to help this alot. I have this too. My husband repeatedly says he wants to keep a flashlight by the bed so he can see what I am doing. He says it feels like I am mad and turning over hard in bed.

    I am on .5 mg of Klonopin at bedtime and it helped alot initially, but is not helping as much now. I am afraid to ask for more because both my docs were initially against this long term for addiction reasons.

    I would like to try 1mg to see if that helps, but as I said, I am afraid to ask (how ridiculous is that anyway?) but have been thinking of trying to double up and see if that helps.

    It would mean doing without a night is I use more than I am prescribed, but I have done that before when my script ran out and once was off for 60 days because I ran out while out of town and the doc would not give me more until he saw me again.

  9. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    I take ZMA for that. It helps me so I don't deal with that to much. Only if I clean my floors and vacume in the same day then I twitch and jerk even with ZMA!lol For me it's all about pacing myself and doing daily simple (in my comfort zone) stretches.

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