Boil type lesions

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  1. hagatha01

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    has anyone experience boil type lesions? my dr said this all is involved w/the connective tissue disorder such as fms. I have gotten them as large as a GOLF ball, and when they drain they drain for ever. Thank you
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    yes, I get them too. I keep forgetting to asking my internist if they are common to FM. I hope other people reply to this too so we can see really how common it is.
    Take care
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    thank you for your response, lets hope we get more input. Have a pain free day
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    I've had problems w boils since I was a teenager. This might be TMI, but I get them in the area of my "privates".....terrible sometimes! Have had to get them lanced in Urgent Care, how embarassing and extremely painful!!! I have sites that have reoccurring boils, like the infection never completely goes away and leaves a lump that gets flared up over and over.
    The only thing that helps is hot compresses or soaks in the tub. I hate them!! I have been prescribed special cleansers and antibiotics from a dermatologist too.
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    I have had those (private area) and of course it was gone before I could get into GYN. Got tested for all known STDs even though I was not sexually active. Yes ... they can be painful and yes it is embarassing (in many ways). Anything to do with our "privates" is hard to talk about. I do not have TMI that I know of, but I do have FMS and probably had/have CFS. My cysts/bumps/boils have never gotten very big but have worried me. WHEW. Sorry you are experiencing this so badly. At least your DR is willing to say the "F" word (Fibromyalgia). Most DRs avoid it.
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    hmmm, i had a lot of acne when i was younger. they were like boils or clusters of zits. but maybe it was related to my fibro.

    i think dairy and yeast were contributing factors. have u tried eliminating these?
    and taking probiotics or anti-candida methods to kill the yeast that is in you.
    if u took a lot of anti-biotics it could have done damage and u need to reverse it. good luck to you!
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    is the acronym for To Much Information.

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    I had never had a spot in my life until I was 31.Then I got lots of boils on my painful that I wanted to cry all the time.They would stay for months and most would be symetrical on my face which I always thought was weird.

    I then started to get them on my vagina.... and then inside by butt cheeks!!!
    Yuk!These were not boils but big hard abcesses!!!The pain was sooo bad I could not sit down and used to get salt baths to try and ease it.The doctors just gave me anti-biotics (which never helped)and they were never bothered about it.
    I was tested for chrohns which was negative.

    I believe it is the fibromyalgia that causes these boils and abcesses because it is the only thing that seems plausible since everything else has been dismissed.

    But who knows???
    I wish you pain free days!!

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  10. MsOnlyMe123

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    I have been getting these nastey, ugley, painful things too, since I was about 30 yrs. old. Till this day, twenty years later, I still get them but so muck worse. My privae area, bum and inner thieghs look like crates. I know, how gross. How embarrassing.

    But you ladies that get these suckers, know what I mean. On some of them, I can't believe how much puss comes out. Sometimes I'm not even able to wear underwear because the underwear digs right in. They have leaked on/through clothing and undies and would have to throw them away. Oh yes, all the washes and inti-biotics from all the doctors -just a waste.

    If anyone comes up with any information on this, would you kindly share? T.M.I. Too Much Information


    I stongly believe that these have nothing to do with FMS. Have had FMS for 10 yrs. My Mother gets these boils, cyst, also. Anyone elses Mother gets these.[This Message was Edited on 03/06/2007]
  11. kriket

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    yes. I get them sometimes too. They slowly pop up and they hurt like the dickens!!!! I think they may be viral related, but not sure on that one.

  12. raspberrykisses

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    The first time I ever saw one of these was on my 20 year old back when he was 18. He got a tatoo and ended up with one on the tatoo. I took him to the hospital and the Dr said it was a staff infection from him not keeping the area clean. Then about a month or two later I ended up whith one on my stomach. I thought I had got bit by a spider but when I went to the hospital they gave me and antibiotic and told me that it was a skin infection. Well I ended up getting one on my chin a couple months later then towards the end of my pregnancy I kept getting them under my arm. The Dr's just said because I was pregnant I was prone to these type of infections. At 2 months old my little guy ended up with one on his but. The Dr in the ermegncy room lanced it with little bitty scissors and left a nasty scar on his but. My cousins little girl gets them all the time. She has started putting Prid on them the minute they show up to get them to drain faster. Also becasue of the way my son's scar is nothing seems to help but the one on my stomach left a great big scar. I used Vitamin E oil on it and now it's hardly even noticable.
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    Yes i get them on my inner thighs. though the first time i got them they were on the back of my leg when i was a kid. to this day i remember how much pain i was in when my mom had to put those hot compresses on my legs and the draining of them both by my mom and the doctor. the ones i get on my inner thighs are not nearly as bad though thank god.
  14. Marilynn

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    I also get these boils or bumps but mine don't seem to ever drain. I have one that especially gets very large, painful and takes forever to get smaller and there is always a little bump there. I have fibro and started to get these on my bottom in the last five years. Very painful!
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    These nasty buggers are really sebaceous cysts. They have puss but also are zit like. I've had these nigh on 6yrs. They seem to be worse during my periods- boy they hurt (as you all know). I read an article that said keep them scrubbed by a good terry towel. This helps keep the follicle clear. The hair follicle is what creates it. I've used zit cream on them and it works on some to help dry them out. They are part of the whole body immune problem. The really nasty part is thet turn black and blue and red all over. They don't ever really seem to go away and scar.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one, though. I've wondered what the hell I was supposed to do about them, but I guess they are just what is....
    Thought you all would like to know