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    I see you posted on Annie's post. I have noticed that you haven't been on for awhile.

    I hope everything is okay with you and your family. We miss you around here.

    Anyway, I am glad you are back.

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    Hey I am missin ya too. Where r ya? Hope you are ok !!!!!

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    Hi!! That was soooo nice of you to post to me, I didn't know I was missed. :) You guys are really thoughtful.

    You're right, I haven't been around too much lately. Someone took my energy and ran off with it, Lol. I am happy to say that I have been able to do a couple of short work outs in the past week, so I am hopeful that things are getting better.

    I am going to make myself go shop for a bathing suit today, blah! My kids want me to go swimming with them and I know the pool will feel good on the muscles. Now if I could zap off the 10 lbs. I want to lose. :)

    Mickey-How are things in Missouri? How are the teenage years treating you? My 17 yr. old stepson has given us some trying times, that's for sure! But, he is a great kid, and I have to think back to my teenage mess-ups, before I wonder why in the heck he does some of the things he does, lol! My other two are 9 1/2 and 7, we are enjoying summer, but it is pretty hot here in So. Cal. Where I live has desert temps. in the summer.

    Do you plan on vacationing this summer? Any place exciting? Hope you are doing really well! Kim :)

    Kriket-How are you and your fiancee doing? He is still your fiancee right, or did you run off and get married? I know you two were having a rough time physically, have you found some relief? What have you been doing this summer and how are your animals (how many do you have?)Well, you will have to give me an update. Have a great day! Kim :)

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    Sorry I am just now getting back to you. I work full time (I have no idea how I do, but i have to) and usually post during work, hahahah. It is a relaxing office job. When I am home at night and weekends that last thing I want to do is go on the computer.

    Anyway, my oldest daughter, 18, is going to Mizzou in the Fall. I can't believe it. We are so so close and I am really going to miss her. She is wonderful and has never given me trouble. However, my youngest daughter, 15, is definetly giving me a little trouble, little stinker. We caught her sneaking out of the house one night and she got her nose pierced w/o us noticing.

    She was grounded for a month and half for the sneaking out. Well, I guess it is payback for me. I was 100 times worse. Anyway she is a good kid too and I actually like the little bitty diamond on her nose. LOL.

    I wish we were going on vacation this year, but with college it is just too hard. We will probably go to the Lake a couple of times before school starts.

    Well I am glad you are back and I am sorry your energy level has got you down. That is my main problem too.

    Take care and check in when you can.


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    Working full time, that has to be rough. But I know what you are saying, we do what we have to do.

    So your 18 yr. old is off to college soon. I can understand how you must feel. But I think that it is awesome that you are so close. I hope she will be close enough to home to visit often and I bet you will chat on the phone all the time. Aren't daughters wonderful!! My 7 yr. old is everything I dreamed about when thinking of a mother/daughter relationship.

    I've experienced the "sneaking out" thing with our 17 yr. old. We think he may have even taken the car for a nighttime spin while he still had his permit only! We didn't let him get the license until past his 17th bday because he was making some bad decisions with the friends he chose to hang out with, and his grades dropped because of it. I am glad we waited, and he seems to have a better handle on things now. It is payback though, lol! I don't remember sneaking out and my grades were always good, but I definitely made some bad decisions with some of my friends, partying and such. The good thing about getting older and being a Mom is that you know yourself so much better and are able to handle the things your kids dish out.

    We probably won't do much of a vacation this year either. My husband has been at his new job a year next month, so we weren't able to make any long vacation plans. We are going to Vegas to visit family and enjoy the poolside at the hotel at the end of July and we may get a chance to take the RV out for a couple of 3 day excursions, we'll see.

    I hope you are having a great day at work and that you were blessed with an extra burst of energy today! Talk to ya soon, Kim :)
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    I hope you are able to get away, even if it is 3 days. I am sure you have your hands full. Being a stay at home Mom is the hardest/busiest job ever.

    I remember when the girls were little and I would take off work to be on vacation with them and have dinner ready, laundry done, etc..... Sometimes, it was so nice to come back to work and get away from the responsibitlity. It is a really hard job, but a fulfilling one.

    I really think it is a phase that our teenagers are going through, and you are right, the kind of people our kids hang out with, that is what effects them. The same thing happened with Lindsay, wrong crowd, grades got worse, etc.... But now she has her old friends back, which I love, and she is doing just fine now.

    Yes, daughters are awesome, however, I do wish I had a son too. I heard they are closer to their Mom's (is this true). My girls are definetly "Daddy's Girls". I guess that is why i want a "Mama's Boy", LOL. Although I do have a male Yellow Lab that is my baby.

    Wow, I am writing a book. By the way, the energy didn't come today, actually it is way way down today. I am hoping tomorrow it is up again. Usually after having a couple of days off work, it is hard to get back into the groove of things.

    Anyway, thanks for replying and you and your family Take care.

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    Well, I do hope your energy level comes up tomorrow. I am fighting the fatique. I made myself do a 30 minute workout before bed last night and I will try again tonight.

    I guess a lot of people experience the "mama's boy", "daddy's girl" thing. As of right now, I'd say it's pretty even. I do spend 24/7 with the kids when their Dad is on a 24 hr. shift, so we are pretty tight. But, they sure look forward to when he is home and he plays a lot with them. I wonder if that will change when they reach the teen years.

    I hope you have a fantastic day at work tomorrow! Sleep well! Kim :)