Boltchik or anyone about yeast..

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  1. Kimba4318

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    What are the signs or symptoms of having a yeast problem. I have heard alot of talk lately about YEAST and getting it under control, etc. Is this something to get tested for, or would I know if I had an issue??

    Just interested..
  2. Susan07

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    not sure just wanted to bump you
  3. boltchik

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    I took a questionaire from a Nurse practitioner that I saw specifically for fibro. I googled tests for yeast overgrowth for you. I came up with a website called

    Click on "simple tests" and scroll down to "Dr. Crook's candida yeast test". It's a questionnaire. Hopefully it will help. I am going to try it myself. I think it is okay to post this site because I am not trying to get anyone to buy anything. I am going to take it now. Let me know if it helps you. Have a great night, Kim :)
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  4. boltchik

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    Well, I took the very simple questionnaire. I was way over the score for yeast issues. But my NP had already told me this and has me taking probiotic pearls. Of course I have seen other people taking different supplements or meds for it. You should ask your doctor, because I don't know if the probiotics alone will help it completely. I do remember taking them last year for a month or so and I was not as fatiqued. I do not know if they were the reason for that or not because I was also on thyroid meds at the time.

    Keep me posted. Talk to ya soon, Kim
  5. jaltair

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    My sister gave me some good advice a while back as far as vaginal fungal infection. Do a douche with yogurt. It has to be plain and totally natural without any ingredient added (no flavorings! ha ha). Just add enough pure water to make it doable and douche. It'll bring back natural flora and health to the vaginal area.

    Probiotics are good for keeping yeast infections at bay.

    Take care!
  6. Kimba4318

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    HI friends..
    Susan - thanks for bumping for me :)

    Jaltair - Thanks for the advice... are you sure no flavorings :) LOL...

    Kim (boltchik) - Very interesting, I will take that test now. I am always looking for some sort of "other" answer or some kind of relief from this crud. I will see what it says. Thanks a bunch!
  7. mollystwin

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    There is a blood test your dr can give you to determine current and past infections. I would do this first before treating for yeast. It's difficult to treat and I would advise to know for sure before going through all the trouble.

    The test name is candida anitbodies IGG, IGA, and IGM. It;s a pretty reliable test.
  8. Kimba4318

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    mollystwin - Thank you very much - I will ask for those specific tests! Thats a big help too.
  9. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Your welcome Kim. Good luck to you with your test. It can be difficult to get a dr to do this. Some don't believe in it, but insist, it will be worth it.

    I hope you don't have candida/yeast. I have it and it's a pain! Hard to get rid of. Takes a long time and you have to avoid sugar, white flour, wine, beer, and other things that are so much fun to have! Especially with the holidays coming up.