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    Hi Kim -
    How are you today?? I guess your kids were off yesterday too? I tried to think of something to do wiht mine that would not be too taxing on my little bit of energy I had left. I took them to see a movie (HAPPY FEET), it was very cute and a good moral to the story.

    I am sure you are happy the kids are back in school. I am palying catch up today for work stuff adn trying to get my brain to work properly.... that is hard in itself!

    Just touching base and seeing how you are feeling emotionally/physicaly... hope you are doing good. My one side of my face is still swollen from my dental "fun", but hopefully that will go down soon. I forgot a day of my ABX, so that was not smart on my part. Creeping into a flare it seems, but I hope that does not get too bad! Only time will tell.

    My bones are hurting today, it will drop into the 20's tonight... ughhhh. It is finally here now... this yucky cold front is moving in fast. I gotta bundle up tonight when I take Nic to his tutoring class. I do not like these nights. We do it 2 nights a week, but think it will be done at the end of January. Thank goodness.

    He has ADHD and got very behind last year so we are playing catch up... it is working good though, he was on the honor roll last quarter.

    Anyway... fill me in on you!
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    Good to hear from you! Even California had frost this morning. I almost slipped on my front walk!

    I hope you are not slipping into a flare, you have been through so much lately. Sorry you are still swollen, is there still pain from the dental work?

    The kids did go back to school today. But my son had a stomachache and did not go in until 11:00. (Unfortunately, I think he inherited my bad nerves.) I also watched one of my friend's toddlers this morning. So, now I am able to relax and take a bit of a break. My 5 yr. old gets home from Kindergarten at 12:30, so she is asking me to have a tea party before I pick up my son, Dylan, from school. Soooo cute, I love this age. :) I think for her birthday in April I will have her invite some of her little friends to a birthday tea party and get all dressed up. They have a little company that specializes in throwing little girl's parties, so fun!

    I am in somewhat of a better place than last week. But, still feeling a bit lost and unsettled. It will pass soon. Physically, better just very tired, as usual. No matter how much sleep I get, the fatique just hangs on. Maybe more exercise would help. Have you been able to exercise? Probably not yet after all of your surgery stuff.

    That's great that your son is improving in school. Has he been in tutoring for long? He's lucky to have your support.

    Hope you are having a great day. I am going to go spend some time with my little one. She wants to pour the tea. (Gatorade, he,he!) Talk to ya soon, Kim :)
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    Oh how cool... that really is a fun age and a busy one too. Hope you feel more settled soon. I wish the fatigue would leave all of us, but unfortunately... I guess we don;t have that option. Maybe we do... I am going to try to exercise tomorrow, but I am hurting bad tonight. Had a stressed day (arguement with mom) and ever since I have been in so much pain and so tense. Stress is amazing in the way it affects us.... wish it didn;t but it does.

    What day in April is daughters b-day? My son is April 24th... that is a great month for b-days. We have lots of fun for his. It is usually a big blowout with all of the extended family.

    Well my fingers are cramping up... ughhh... OH and no pain in the mouth now, just when I touch one side and still some swelling ... but that should go soon.

    Hope you had a nice "tea" party!

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    Sorry you are hurting so badly tonight. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

    I hate getting into arguments! I do not like confrontations. I know what you mean about the added stress. When I get stressed, my head, neck and shoulders hurt. Hope you and your Mom are able to patch up things soon.

    My daughter's birthday is on the 6th, my husband's is on the 22nd of April (along with his twin brother's). And his sister's birthday is also in that month, so it is usually a nice family get together.

    Well, I need to make sure homework is getting done and I need to whip something up for dinner. Yuck, I hate cooking. I wish I didn't. If I learn more about cooking, I might enjoy it more. Feel better! Kim :)
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    Good Morning...
    Feeling yucky still. Our arguement was a rare one. I planned a weekend away with hubby months ago and my cousin just called to plan her babys christening the same weekend. My brother is the god father, which is very special because he is paralized and nervous about it. I just spoke out loud saying,I would probably come back early from the trip. Mom, who does suffer from depression, lashed out at me (we are very close by the way) and thought I was "blowing it off" and "it was not fair to my brother". That was not what I was saying.

    I am the same way... I avoid confrontations like the plague. She just had one of those days and I lost it... I was not in the mood to be a beating post. She was crying and yelling and I was doing the same and she finally apologized and said she was just so depressed and never wants to burden anyone with her problems. My dad has a bad back, knees and hips and she is so worried about his health (already had a heart attack last year). SHe does not know what she will do without him (I do not know either and cry just thinking about it - very close to him too).

    My mom is 59 and she is the sole caregiver for my brother. SHe has to lift & transfer him and shower him and take care of all of his other needs. She is a little women and we have no nurse or anything to help her. I have tried so hard, but due to the nature of what she has to do with him, he refuses to have a nurse come in and help him (his pride and all).

    I know she did not mean it... I just told her to please open up to me with her problems, as she listens to all I go through. She cannot keep it inside anymore. I am her only friend and she does not want me to be more stressed or sad about my dad or her problems. I think she agreed to start sharing ALL of IT with me. I feel so deeply for her. She has no life.

    We are going to join Weight Watchers together next week. We used to love doing that. We would make an evening out of it and she actually got to go out and have girl talk. I will do that with her again. I hope that helps.

    Anyway... sorry for pouring that out ... just started flowing. RE: APril B-days... we have a few family members in April, but MAY... my goodness... MY husband, Dad and one of my BEst frineds are all May 11th!! Too weird, huh?
    MY other best friend May 5th, Mine May 26th. Needless to say, we do alot of celebrating that month. Pretty Neat.

    I know what you mean about the cooking. I made my usualy "Chicken Surprise" last night. I always change it a tiny bit and they seem to love it for whatever reason (LOL).

    I hope you are doing well today, sorry for blabbing on. Have a great day.. will start the Flubber Friends thread soon...
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    Glad you were able to get that all off of your chest. Well, it sounds like you and your Mom don't stay mad at each other for long. You are lucky to have a close relationship with her. So, she must live pretty close if you guys are going to do Weight Watchers together.

    How long has your brother been paralyzed? That must be tough on your Mom being his caregiver as she has health problems (the depression, I didn't know if there were others) also. But, that's what Mom's do, I'm sure she would do anything and everything for your brother. You sound like such a close family. How wonderful!

    My Mom and I were so close. I miss her dearly. She died in a car accident when I was 21. It was such a shock. I talked to her about everything. I wish she was here for her grandkids. But, I know I will see her some day again. My Dad remarried, my stepmom is okay. Not the warmest person in the world, but I am glad my Dad has someone.

    I have been reading (lurking, Lol!) on the thread by BigCled on the CFS/FM board. That is really interesting, I like seeing all of the other points of view. It has helped me somewhat, as I tend not to understand men sometimes! It is hard to keep up the romantic part when you are so tired, but it is important! I am glad that most posters are sympathetic to his situation (most, that is). I hope he gets the help he was looking for.

    Gotta pick up my son from school, they get out early today. Talk to ya later, Kim

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    Hi again Kim..
    Let me first say I am sooooo sorry about your mom :-( That makes me sad. We are very close... do not know what I would do without them. I cry ever time I think of the day I will lose my father too. His heart attack almost gave me one. We are just all so close. I hope you have lots of great memories... I know she is watching over you and the kids!

    My brother was paralyzed 5 years ago. It happened when he was 20 years old.... soo sad. I used to have his picture posted in a tribute to him. Was having one of those days. He is such a cutey. I hope he find someone special some day. It was/has been so hard for our family. We are big jokers, so we try to find humor in every day life to get us thru all of it. He is truly an inspiration though.

    Re; BigCled thread. That is not your husband is it??? Hmmmmm. NO, just kidding. I think we can all see it from his side now that we have the whole picture. I hope something good comes to him.

    Have a great night. Talk to ya soon.
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    Lol! No, not my hubby! We try to keep it interesting! How brave of him to reach out to all of us.

    Thanks for the thought about my Mom. Such a wonderful woman, definitely the best a daughter could ask for. I hope your brother finds the love of his life someday. :)

    Are you doing your taxes yourself? Ughhh, if you are. That gives me a headache just thinking about it. When we get our refund, our property taxes are always due-lovely! So, that takes out a huge chunk, but we usually do something fun with some and save some. I can't believe the amount of taxes we pay in this country, what a rip off!

    Well, I seriously need to catch up on laundry, as soon as I answer the flubber thread. I could find about a million other things to do too, he he. Like eating chocolate and watching a good movie!

    Love our talks! Kim :)