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    Hi Kimmy... Sorry I sort of dropped off the face of the earth.. things have been bumpy around here... go figure.

    Was just thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. How are the kids/family? What have you been up to? How are you feeling these days?

    You gotta check out my recent posts (espescially the acupuncture drama)... too crazy and long to repeat.

    Anyway... hope you are well. Hope to hear from you soon.
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    I was wondering where you were! OMG, I did read your acupuncture post, but didn't have time yet to respond. Okay, I am going to update myself on it now that I have time and then finish this post......................

    I'm back, so now I see that it is good that you are posting to me Tues. night. It sounds like possibly you were supposed to go back to him today but decided not to. This whole thing is very, very creepy. Why would he ask you where you kept your pills, make a comment about your daughter like that, and then have you undress with no one else in the office. All very wrong!!! Did you decide to report this? Let me know what you decide to do. Sorry you are having so much drama. Are you feeling okay tonight?

    We are fine here. I have not been able to shake this overwhelming fatique for days on end now. I just hate it. I think I will go and have my thyroid tested again. I feel so far behind, it is frustrating to know where to start to catch up. The kids are well though and so is my husband and I am very thankful for that.

    Kambria, 6, is taking gymnastics, fun! Dylan, 8 1/2, is playing soccer and loves it, and Kevin, 16, just got his permit, that ones a little scary, Lol! He is doing well in school, brought his grades up to a 3.67 GPA, so proud. He was slacking off last semester, but really improving now.

    Well, I need to get some rest. Write me back and we can chat some more tomorrow. Please tell me about your family and how you are feeling. It's great to talk to you! Kim :)
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    Hey Kim,

    Hope everything is okay, just bumping to check in on you.
    Kim :)
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    HI Kim... I am alive! No break ins as of yet :) The nut jobs I deal with are comical.. in a very sick way.
    I feel the same way with the fatigue.. I am sorry you are feeling that way. It seems to have hit a low... I think the stress kicked off an ugly flare. I just cant shake it and like you.. I do not know where to start in getting things back together.

    I am so happy that your family is doing so well. The kids sounds amazing... My 16 yr. old daughter started driving not long ago and even for the best kids... it is so stressful for us!!! She is graduating this year.. One year early because of her grades. I am proud of her.. it is scary thinking about her going to college next year!! My 8 year old (actually turnign 8 this weekend).. it's party time .. I need to get myself together, luckily it is small this year though. But he loves soccer, we do not start until the fall though. My 3 year old is keeping me real busy and thinks he is 8 himself.

    I hope we pull out of this funk soon. Go get that thyroid checked!! I meet with a Lyme specialist in May and a kidney doc in June to see what the heck is going on with that right kidney. On top of all of this... I found a dream job that I want. I sell promotional prodcuts and have my own business, this would be working for someone else with a great salary and I would be able to take on already established big business. I do not knwo how in the world my health and mental state would get through it.. I am more worried about the physical ramifications.. but I am willing to try. I hope the lady calls me back this week, she seemed real interested... and I have my hopes up, but thought I would hear back by now. Oh well.. I will have to wait and see. Everyday I wake up and wonder how I would have a job outside of the house..

    Anway.. my 3 year old is calling me again... hope to talk to you soon. FEEL BETTER!

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    Glad to hear you are not having anymore trouble from that weirdo!! Did you decide to do anything else, report him or anything?

    It's funny how our kids are similar in age and stages of life. :) I can't wait until my 16 yr. olds driver's training is behind him so I don't have to be afraid driving with him and his permit. LOL! I only drive with him once in a while. I let my husband handle most of the driving lessons, it scares the heck out of me! Your 16 yr. old graduating a year early?! Wow! That is so impressive, good for her!

    Glad you are going to figure out what is going on with the kidney soon. I am clueless on all of that, but I am sure a specialist can help you. I keep praying for your good health, I have positive thoughts on all of it. :)

    It would be nice for you to have a job working out of the house. Hope something pans out for you soon. You will have to let me know how it goes. Is it going to be a part time thing? With 3 kids and being ill, I am pretty sure you would probably only consider part-time. I am trying to start a party planning business on my own (so I can also work from home) for girl's princess parties. I already purchased much of the things that I need. I will be renting out everything someone needs, dress up clothes, jewelry, tables, chairs, party games, my husband and I made a princess throne, cake, party dec's, goody bags, plates, cups, etc, etc. It comes in various party packages, depending on what you need. I meet with them, get a deposit, book it and give ideas for decorating, entertainment, etc. Then I drop all of the stuff off and I don't have to be at the party. There's definitely a market for it where I live, and only one other business that does it in the area. We'll see what happens.

    Better go, I have a lot to do today, and not much energy in reserve to do it. Oh, I am really fighting the urge to go lay on the couch. Gotta fight, gotta fight, Lol! Talk to ya later, Kim :)
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