Bone density and FMS et al. Facial.

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    I am having a little problem that I hope you folks don't have to graffle with and part of the problem is FMS and then diabetes entered the picture.

    I had a bone density scan about 6-7 months ago and had no osteoporosis, however I was not aware that you can start losing your bone density in the mandible to where it cannot sustain itself. Had I known 5 years ago when I had a partial placed on my lowers and a full plate on the uppers we would have proceeded differently.

    Anyway those of you who can afford the panoramic x-rays to see that your mandible is stable, I sure would have my dentist do this periodically. I go next Wens. for the panoramic but hold little hope of having enough bone in which to secure titanium pins for an over denture without haveing first a bone graft; and now with diabetes clouding the picture, it is most likely other alternatives will have to be considered.

    Don't let this happen to you. CactusLil'
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    Will be going for some dental work soon, and I appreciate the information you gave, I will have that bone density checked.

    Others should too. It is so important!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi, I'm new here, thanks for info, I'm wondering, did you have any warning signs about the mandible? (ever since I got Fibro, I have had bone loss in my gums) It's been 12 years or more, so now I'm a little do you know you have that? The only way to prevent it is with a "panoramic xray" ? To be honest, I'm not sure what the mandible is, but it sounds bad. Good luck at the dentist!
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    You sort of got in under my radar! But I just saw a reply to Lil's post, and being as interested as I am in what she had to say, I took a look and there you were.

    A big welcome to you, and hope we hear from you often.

    I will let Lil answer your question, as she is much more learned than I am in this area for sure.

    Again, welcome to the group.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    As I have mentioned this period where I have not been active has been a rough period. Much has happened and still is.....but I vowed I would be here for others three years ago when I was ready to jump from the cliff where the Indians go....I've come along way from there and the White Buffalo although I still revere Him.
    Dental vs. Medical and the bone. Boy oh boy was I unprepared for this learning goes...

    I had a tooth abcess. Nothing new for me as I have spent a fortune on root canals and crowns in my working past; never would "take" so after William was born lo and behold I had a tooth "blow" and I was broke and I do mean broke.

    My cheapest treatment was to go into dentures and have ALL my upper teeth pulled. I was undiagnosed at the time except for osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arth. Pulling all those teeth was a dental nightmare. Locals did not work on me and over 32 inj. were used plus an assistant continually localizing the gum area to get my four front teeth out.

    That being said, dentures were put in place same day and the teeth for the lower partial were extracted. We cranked up the nitrous for all it was worth repeated the above and the lower plate was put in. We knew this was not to last forever but Iris (my dentist and friend) said adjusting to lowers was going to be difficult. Dumb me failed to ask why. Now I know.

    It is normal as one ages for the bone to begin a degeneration process of the oral cavity. My uppers have been a nightmare and now just flop around touching nowhere; however IF the lower did not turn out as it did a reline could have fixed that;

    Now, with diabetes on top of fibro, plus endocrine problems such as adrenal insufficiency et al. I am at high risk of non-healing. My dentist feels there probably is not enough "good" bone ie. as when we were 20, to place titanium pins and wire my jaw into position. As far as this being a dental procedure at this point is lucicrous; wiring my lower mandible could require a bone transplant, usually from the femur onto the mandibular bone proper. She said that would take about a year; counting on the diabetes stabalizing. It may never take; diabetics are prone to healing well as evidenced by the many amputations and kidney problems they face.

    You can have healthy bone ie. no osteoporosis and still have a mandible that has "aged". I have no idea what they were going to do with me. At first my primary doc was in a go for it mode as I had gone from 20mg. Pred maintenance to 5 for six months; then something gave him cold feet.

    I go Wensday back to Iris for a panoramic x-ray. She does have a comparative from when my upper was done....perhaps five years ago. She said she has another FMS patient that had her upper and lower wired and because she had FMS the ins. paid for everything so she was anesthesized and the entire procedure was done.

    After what I am going through I would insist on a check every year. With nothing done, the lower mandible will slide forward, disengaging from the "joint", the tongue will already have begun to swell and if action isn't taken quickly your tongue will cause you to cease to breath; the upper palate with no support can collapse. You die.

    Well, I have no intention on dying that way if I can get someone to get with it! It is now 2-months since the tooth was removed. I have continued to wear the partial, with a little modification, so my teeth remaining don't shift; but they are with caries and probably abcess...all eating away at my bone.

    The expense of gambling on a bone graft is about 28K and with my being high risk I could not get that money come heck or high water. So I will have to find a solution to repair what I have left.

    I know this explanation was long...mitigate your loss and have the panoramic x-ray done annually. CactusLil'