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    Here's my undate on the 2 bone marrows I had. I have no cancer..dr thought it was lekemina. My bone count {white and red blood cells} are low cause of my arthritis, and fibro the dr says. He can give me injections thats way to expensive {$3,000-4,000.} to give me produe more cells inside the bone. I am thanking God.
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    Am glad to hear you don't have cancer - scary stuff..

    What in the world is in these injections to make them worth that much money???? Will you be alright without the injections or are they something you have to have?

    You must be releived though that your not having to deal with cancer on top of everything else.

    wishing you all the best
    maedaze :eek:)
  3. BronzeWomn

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    No, I don't have to have the injections. When I asked him to solve the low blood ..this is what he came up with. the injections he is an onogolists then a hemo. I will get my family doctor to give me b12 shots, they work more better then the vitamins for my body. Its a funny thing on how the drs talk into doing something. He told me at first that he could treat the low blood but he was more worried about i may have the cancer so he can be tricky sometimes just to get the money. Don't get me wrong ..I belive in drs..but, all the time they don't do what they are suppose to do. Anyhoo, I am having him to send my records to my family dr and my rhuemy. He wants to check myi blood count every 3 mos. Well, one is enough for me per year. I don't think the drs need to do all this ..they just want a pay to continualy come in.
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    I agree, sometimes you wonder if what the doctor wants you to do is actually necessary or just revenue gathering. But we know our bodies more than them and like you say, how many doctors do we need to be paying for.

    Glad you've got a good doctors that you already deal with. You should feel a bit better too on the B12 injections. My body doesn't seem to break down or tolerate vitamin pills either.