Bone Scan Anyone else ever have one? and what were the results?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sfrazier, Mar 8, 2007.

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    I recently had one and my rhumey wants to see it. so i picked it up from my hospital and lo and behold it wasn't sealed. well i had looked up bone scan on the internet when i found out i was having one. Anyways it was just too much to resist so i had to look. now if i'm not mistaken white means normal and black means abnormal. when i looked at my scan there was a lot of black on my spine and on my hips and on the coller bone area and the chest bone area. it even picked up my sinus infection. lol. anyways i don't think there is anything serious really but i somehow feel vindicated because my last ALJ hearing the judge said that he didn't belive i was in as much pain as i said i was and since the doctor was just going off what i was telling him he didn't believe my doctor.

    I guess my question is: now shouldn't this be medical proof that i was not making up the pain and where it was coming from and if so shouldn't this help me in my next ALJ hearing that I have to get scheduled for. I mean how could anyone say that what the bone scan shows isn't the truth?
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    There is no way you can tell by looking at that bone scan if there is something wrong with you. You need to be specially trained to pick up anything or understand things on that scan. When you picked it up from the hospital, there should have been a report by the doctor who looked at attached to the scan. Anyway, take it to your rhumey and he will look at it too.

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    I had it last week.
    I don't have the official results back yet.

    I was talking to the doctor who was doing a follow-up EMG and mentioned the bone scan. She took a look at it. then asked me where I hurt the most I told her that it was my feet, ankles, knees, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders Lower ribs and lower abdomen. She said " Well how about that it lit up real good on your feet, ankles, knees, hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders." She then said that the radiologist noted that there was mild inflamation in all of those locations.

    I go in on Monday to see the Rheumatologist. She had me do the EMG, Bone Scan, Sed Rate and another blood test for inflamation. She believes that I have Fibro. She said that what I have is mild. She also says that perhaps what I have is caused by inflamation.
    I checked the results of the blood tests and they show no inflamation.
    I'm really interested in what she will say on Monday because the Bone shows inflamation but the blood tests don't.

  5. sfrazier

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    well i looked at the report and i understand hardly a thing. mentioned that one area looked like degenerative changes in the hips? not real sure what that means. it also says something about the uptake in the left hip is slightly increased then the right hip. so much for feeling vindacated. i'm not sure what any of this means. i will say though that the scan was very intresting to look at. thanks for all the info and i'll just have to wait till tuesday to find out what all of this means. thanks to everyone that replied.....SueF
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    In my last post I said that I was going for a nerve Conduction Study and a Bone Scan plus blood work for inflamation.

    I went back in to see my Rheumy and she said that I don't have anything out of the normal for inflamation. No Bone Cancer or anything else. The nerve Conduction Study was the same as 6 months ago. So my Peripheral neuropathy is stable.
    She said that she was going to stand on a diagnosis of atypical Fibro.

    She sent me to a pain management specialist afterward who said, "You don't have enough tender points. I don't think that you Fibro, You have atypical Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."

    I asked why was it atypical and she said that since I have sleep apnea I can't be given a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    I get so frustrated with this. I've got Fibro, no I've got CFS, no its just CF, WHATEVER. I've been tested so many ways. I Give Up !

    I'm Done with these Doctors. I'm just going to live my life, take my meds, and see if I can start to live again.

    Ok I'm Venting Again.

    Thanks for Listening.

  7. sfrazier

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    radar it sounds like you are getting the run around. now if you look atypical up in the dictionary it simply means not normal. so for them to say you have atypical fibro or cfs i would be asking a lot of questions. if you don't like what your pain med doctor told you or your rhumey then get a second opinion.

    when i went to see my rhumey with those bone scans what i did find out was that i have arthritis in my hips. left side is worse then the right. i also found out that the burning and pain and tenderness in my hips and thighs is from a pinched nerve that they can't really do to much for along with the arthritis.

    i really hope that you get those second opinions. your health is imporant and if you don't like what one doctor says check and see what a different doctor says....SueF

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