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    Since Feb 28 have been having severe chest pain which came on VERY suddenly accompanied by shortness of breath (which was due to inabiliy to expand my chest). Initially thought I pulled a "muscle." It has not gotten better and subsequent work up found findings of "emphysematous lungs" and "pleural thickening" and a positive methacholine challenge test (indicative of asthma). But nothing to explain the chest pain.

    I have had chest pain/tenderness for a long time, always attributed it to FMS and responded to stretching) but this has been rotten, rotten, rotten. Friday saw the rheumy, when she found out the bone scan was not scheduled until May 5, she said "that is unacceptable." I had the scan done today at another hospital. I don't see her for another week. My chest is VERY sore right now although no one touched my chest today. Had the dye injected and three hours later, pictures.

    Has anyone gone through this? June
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    PS Rheumy strongly advised taking pain meds, she had written script in th past for serious flare-ups of pain - Ultram, but I got nauseated on just one pill. So this time she suggested Ultracet. I take one in the morning, one at supper, both at mealtime. I still get nauseated with the pm pill. :( June
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    My daughters ME started with chest pains and shortness of breath at the age of 4 or 5. This was her first ever symptom of ME, but at the time we didn't know she was suffering from this illness. It seems to be quite common with ME sufferers and my daughter doesn't suffer so much with this now, as her energy levels are improving. I just wanted to mention that it is something that can occur with ME, so I suppose it can be said the same for FM. We didn't find anything to help, except to lie prone until the attack had passed and just breath slowly. Hope it doesn't go on for much longer.

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    Anyone, please? June
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    Hi June, I am sorry you are feeling so bad and having such pain. A lot of us have talked about our rib cage pain called costochondritis and I am sure you will find many posts regarding this if you try a search. Your situation is certainly made more complicated by the presence of other lung or pulmonary findings such as the asthma, pleural thickening and the emphysema. Are you also using any inhalers? I know how much chest tightening and discomfort I have when my asthma is kicking up along with the wheezing and shortness of breath. It can be very uncomfortable. I have had bone scans in the past to rule out stress fractures.It will give your Dr. a good idea of your bone health and also show if there are areas of inflammation. Because of my costochondritis I often have sharp pain in my upper chest area also.Best wishes to you. I hope you get some answers soon from you dr.
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    I went to ER a few weeks ago w/chest pain. Had EKG, chest x-ray, blood tests - nothing found so just attributed to FM. It had been a terrible pain for 5 days before my sis talked me in to going to hospital, it did at least get me on some stronger meds - vicodin and flexeril, which has helped.

    Sorry to hear of your other symptoms {{{hugs}}}.
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    Dumas, Spacee, Darlamk and Susan, thank you for your responses.

    Like most Fmers, I have been dealing with the chest thingy (that’s the medical term) for years, stretching and physical therapy has helped it a lot.

    This episode was so unlike anything I have had happen, was feeling fine, driving to the gym, opened the car door and got whacked. While in the past, often I feel as though I cannot take a deep enough breath, this time it was too painful to breathe. As I did not want to sit in the car alone, I went into the gym and tried to drape over one of those big balls. The pain was terrible except when I kept my chest muscles quiet with no air in my lungs. Right or wrong I figured my heart would not care if the lungs had air or not, and would continue to hurt, and since I just had an annual exam complete with EKG, decided against cardiac. (Side note: I would recommend to anyone going to the ER to rule out heart.) About two hours after the onset, the physical therapist noted spasming of chest muscles and my using secondary muscles of respiration.

    Darla, have you had sudden sharp pain with costochondritis? Boy, this will be new for me!!!! Not the usual stuff. The pulmonologist would not make a diagnosis of asthma even with the positive result on pulmonary function tests and emphysematous lungs on chest x-ray. He said his clinical findings did not support the diagnosis and told me to stop the Combivent Inhaler the PCP prescribed as it was not helping.

    Would our numerous, overactive neurotransmitters pick up on little stuff in the lungs and then make a BIG deal out of it???? But then, why would it be sudden? And I still have chest pain going through to my back, etc.

    Thank you all for any more advice you can offer. Fondly June

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    I have had so many tests...The dr's put you thru every test imaginable..Then when all is exhausted they decide it is Fib. or CFS....Have had blood drawn and white blood cells counted,colored and put back in my body..Have had a Heart cath...had a total body MRI,,Ah yes the bone scan also..,,You name it..I now ,after so mcuh know what I have and that I need to treat it even if with drugs..I want to feel better and do with the drugs..The pain is mostly from inflammation..Get some help there..Then get some help with the depression that the pain and fatigue brings..If it's ther to use to help what we go thru, then use it...LJL
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    Probably will find out the results of the bone scan Tuesday but even if there is something brewing in the bone, like arthritis lets say, this still feels me to that it is more muscle related, through to my back.

    Bumping for more info! Thank you everyone June
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    My husband and I both have fibromyalgia , multiple chemical sensitivities and Cfids..
    Both of us have the shortness of breath and the chest wall pain...we both thought we were having heart attacks in the early years in the mid nineties...It is uncomfortable..

    I suggest you just try to practice yoga breathing from the navel up when lying bed or sitting on the floor cross legged.

    train your breathing

    on the in breath from the nose pulling in air from down at the navel upwards....not the upper chest..and then exhale with mouth open slowly until you feel your breath pushing down at the navel out...This sounds hard but it is not and will relax you..

    there is really nothing better for you to do, the soreness stays with us and the chest pain is worse when talking loud or walking fast or climbing stairs..So sorry you hurt...Sheri
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    Hi June. I can totally relate to the chest pain you describe. That is exactly what happened to me which eventually led to the fms dx. I woke up one morning, went to get out of bed & wham - it hit me so hard it took my breath away! That day it was off & on all day. I, like you, thought I'd pulled a muscle. The next day same thing in the morn. Only this time it kept getting worse during the day. Thought I was having a heart attack. Hubby took me to ER. They did all the usual EKG, blood work, bone scan, MRI, another kind of bone scan, stress test. You name it - I had it! :) At least I know my heart is good.

    Even now if I walk too fast or too long I get pains in my chest. Today I was mowing the yard using a self-propelled mower(I find this good walking exercise) & I knew when it was time to quit. The chest pain started. So for me, it's just part of fms.

    Good luck on the results of your test. Let us know.

    Take care.........Kathi
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    Thanks for your responses, although it is not exactly what I wanted to hear, I wanted this to be something that could be fixed. Sheri, I will try the breathing technique see if that helps. Stretching over the physioball has always helped the usual chest wall stuff, but as I said before this is different. The breathing technique will be good to try. Kathi, thank you for describing what happened to you in detail. IF the diagnosis comes back that is is more of the FIBRO-THING then it will be easier to believe in the diagnosis. Thanks everyone! Fondly, June
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