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  1. bazinga

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    Has anyone here ever gotten any kind of results from a bone scan? I had one and was wondering if they ever showed up anything related to Fibro as I will not hear anything til Monday-am just curious!!!

    This site has a wealth of information!!! Glad I found it!!
  2. JewelRA

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    Hi, bazinga.

    I had a bone scan in 2005, and it did not show anything fibro realted. It did, however, show bilateral sacral insufficiency fractures! I and my doc were shocked, because this is usually only seen in postmenopausal women with severe osteoporosis (of which I am neither). OR in patients who have taken a lot of steroids (which I haven't). He couldn't explain it. I'm thankful they have healed.

    Anyway, what did your doc order the scan for?
  3. SwatWife525

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    I had a bone scan in April of this year. It didn't show anything Fibro related, but we discovered that the Transverse Process of my L5 was broken and had fused itself into my Sacrum.
  4. bazinga

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    Well the dr just emailed me that the bone scan showed that I have osteitis of both shins-I now have to find out what that means!!! I am wondering if its like shin splints.
    I guess nothing showed up in my back-and thats what has all the wandering pain-so am guessing the runnining injury provoked a flare.
    Guess I will have to give up idea of running-am too old anyway!!!! Walking will be better when I get out of all this pain.
    Dr said not to take predisone but am starting thyroid med as mine was 4.89-hypo. I hurt my leg 8 weeks ago-and today is the first day I can say the pain is a lot less-course am not doing much but watching football!!!
  5. butterflydream

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    Please ask for copies of your results.

    Their very well could be a report on your back and your doc didn't mention it.

    This has happened to me numerous times. i had to find out by reading the test reports myself.

    Anytime a person has any type of blood tests, xrays and any tests ALWAYS ask for your result test copy.

    It's always best to have your copies before your next doctor appointment so you will know what questions you want to ask at your appointment.

    I hope this can give you some insight, everyone is entitled to their own medical reports/test results. Hope you get them soon.

    Wish you well