Bone spurs advice????? PLEASE help..... for my mom

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by EgyptStarr, Dec 9, 2005.

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    I was checking out the post on castor oil and it got me thinking about my mom and her problems.

    She has pretty bad bone spurs in both knees... it makes it very hard for her to go up and down stairs, and she lives in a 2-story house! She even sleeps on the couch 90% of the time just to avoid having to go up and down the stairs! Does anyone have any advice on what could help alleviate her pain? Would castor oil work for her bone spurs?

    She also has tendonitis in both shoulders, and says that lifting her arms above her head is nearly impossible for her now.

    Please help with ANY ideas or advice you can! Thanks a bunches!

  2. EgyptStarr

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  3. jake123

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    I had them in my neck. When I had surgery, the doctor got rid of as many as he could safely reach and it really helped me.
    I just wonder if there is a doctor who could remove them laproscopically. Then they would be gone permanently. The laproscopic incisions are very small.
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    following a fracture. The local NHS (UK) hospital told him there was a 6 months waiting list, they only used the older style surgery because it took less time, and he would have to wear a cast then have PT. He was warned it would leave his ankle weaker than before; he has hypermobility issues like me so was not happy about that.

    My son was at university during the day; his evening job required standing a lot so he self funded an appt with a surgeon who specialises in sports injuries. In his circumstances paying for surgery would cost him less since it would enable him to continue his paid work.

    The surgeon recommended an op to remove the bone spur and repair the neighbouring muscle laproscopically, this was done using a local anaesthetic. The surgery was successful and now that ankle is stronger than it was before, he was allowed to weight bear after 48 hours, and no PT was required.

    Tansy [This Message was Edited on 12/10/2005]
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    I would imagine that she would have to have surgery on her knees to take care of the bone spurs.

    I have had the laproscopic knee surgery and it's not that bad at all. I was walking that next day.

    My daughter had her knee operated on Thursday to repair some torn cartlidge and scrape out arthritis - had it done through a couple tiny incision with a laproscope - and she went to both her boys' basketball games today!

    Pain in minimal!

    Your mother should check it out!

    I know where she is coming from on her shoulders--I can't lift my arms over my shoulders either without terrible pain.

    Holiday Hugs,

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