Bone spurs on spine

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    I went to a chiropractor and he did a full body x-ray on me. He saw bone spurs on my spine. I have been in extreme pain for a long time. Limping and can barely walk. Now I feel tingling in my right leg and I can barely walk at all. I am overweight and I know this causes a lot of my problems. I would like to know what type of doctor I should see to help me with my problem of bone spurs on my spine and my intense pain.
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    Definitely see an orthopedist, but hold off on getting the chiropractor's records or trying to get copies of the film as that may be expensive. At one time in my life I ran into a chiropractor that did not want to make and provide copies of films saying they belonged to him and it was a major battle (he was wrong and I was entitled to copies). I had herniated disks at that time.

    See the orthopedist first and ask what the orthopedist requires and if he/she even wants the chiropractor's records and copy of the full body film. He/she may not need them and instead may want his/her own initial x-ray concentrated on your spine only, then decide if he/she needs an MRI. When I broke the L-1 vertebrae, they did the MRI "with splices" so they apparently have some ways of doing an MRI. Take care and good luck.
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    I was actually sent to a Neurologist when my MRI showed that I had a bone spur on my spine that was pressing on a nerve. It caused me a great deal of pain down my left leg, into my foot. At times, I would have gladly cut off my leg, just to have the pain stop.....

    Anyway, he ordered Lumbar Steroid Injections for me, which was done in the hospital, under sedation. Well the first one was, the second one,(6 weeks later) they asked if I would forgo having the sedation because they were behind schedule. I agreed. Stupid me...LOL!!!!!!

    Those 2 injections basically was all it took, and I feel much better.......