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  1. Nikki

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    Has anyone used a bone stimulator from Orthofix. I've been contacted by this company b/c (supposedly) my neurosurgeon recommends this after multi level lumbar fusions.

    I've read good articles on the internet about the stimulator, but of course would not think of using one until my surgeon or PT says, yeah, it's true, they really recommend it. I had back surgery almost 9 wks ago . . . fusions at L3-4 and L4-5, titanium rods and screws, cages, man-made bone mixed w/my bone that was removed (laminectomy), etc.


    Don't know what just happened, my post just got "posted" b/f I was finished posting (does that make sense?!?)

    Anyway, that's my question, and I'm sticking to it . . . hehe.

    Soft hugs,
    Sharon (Nikki)

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  2. jole

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    My hubby also had a rod inserted in his back, and his surgeon had him use the bone stimulator. It's very pricey, so make sure you check on ins. coverage. As far as whether it helped or not, there really is no way to know IMO. He used it faithfully, and did well......but then he's always been an excellent healer. You don't 'feel' a difference, and nothing really tells you (other than the x-ray saying things are healing well).

    The stimulator is kinda like an open brace that fits around your body, and pulses. It's been over a year ago, but I think he wore it an hour a day...or twice a day, can't remember for sure. Hope you get along well from your surgery!! :)
  3. Nikki

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    Well . . . let's say I was more thrilled in the beginning than I am right now. I'm now realizing this is gonna be a looong drawn out affair. I have pretty good days (at least better than before the surgery) until about 6:00 pm . . . then I have horrible pain, worse than before surgery.

    I'm also trying to taper way down on my pain meds . . . I'm sure this is not the right time to be doing this; but, I received a call from my rheumy's office when I was 1st recouping from the surgery (I told his office about the surgery ahead of time; but, if they didn't write it down they certainly aren't gonna remember) saying you've filled 3 pain RX's from 3 different drs. in 3 months. Well, yes I did. 1 from his office for 7.5 Lortab (my usual); then, 1 from the spine Dr. who I first went to before my surgery when I couldn't even walk - a stronger pain med (10 mg Lortab); and then 1 from my surgeon just right after surgery - Oxyconton (I hated that med and couldn't wait to get off it). So, yes, I did that . . . but, over a 3 month period.

    I'm so paranoid I'll be taken completely off the pain meds, I'm rationing my 7.5 Lortab like never before. I so hate to be treated like I'm Dr. shopping . . . it's insulting and embarrassing. I'm sure there are lots of us who've been treated this way before. Long ago when I went to pain mgm. (which helped a lot to get trigger point injections), I felt like I was looked at as a druggie . . . the nurses were the worse (most nurses are not this way, so nurses, pls don't get mad at me), Anyway, I finally just quit. At least my Rheumy calls the Rxs into the pharmacy w/o me having to go into his office and pick it up. Haven't refilled anything since his office called, and I normally would have called in for the 7.5's. The only good thing is that I probably really do need to get off the Lortab, and this is making me push even harder to just quit. It's 4:15pm here in Baton Rouge, and I've only had one dose of pain meds since I got up this a.m.

    Well, I'm sure that's a lot more info than you wanted, but that vent really helped . . . haha.

    Thanks again for posting all your good info. Yesterday, I bought some MSM and some Magnesium. Hopefully, that'll help me.

    Soft Hugs,
    Sharon (Nikki)

    PS: So sorry your hip replacement didn't help you more.

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  4. Nikki

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    Thanks a lot for the info. My insurance will cover the bone stimulator completely . . . so, no out-of-pocket cost to me. Just don't want to rip off ins. or waste my time.

    I've always been a fast healer, too; but, I'll be 67 in August and don't know what kinda healer I am now; and, I wasn't dx'd with fibro and CFS until 2000 (altho, I think I'd had fibro & CFS long b/f then).

    Glad your hubby is doing well. I'm sure I'll do better, too (fingers crossedxx).

    Soft Hugs,
    Sharon (Nikki)
  5. Nikki

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    I posted a long post b/f this one; but, lost it somehow . . . So, I'll keep this one very short.

    Guess I haven't been reading your posts very closely. I think I'm taking the wrong kind of MSM. Mine is in tablet form - 500 mg.

    Can you please tell me what you are taking and how much or how many mgs.


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  6. Nikki

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    thank you so much. Sharon(Nikki)
  7. Nikki

    Nikki Member

    Well, got the answer (haha) about whether to use it or not. My PT (who works w/my surgeon) said, "Ummm, it works good for people who aren't healing well . . . but, aren't you healing well? But, it won't hurt you if you try it." I may give it a try, since I have the appt set up for tomorrow.

    Can't hurt, right?

    Soft Hugs,
    Sharon (Nikki)

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