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    Sorry, you are having such a hard time with sleep. Yes, xanax does help me with sleep. I don't sleep like I once did before the DD, doubt if I ever will. Yes, xanax is the only Rx. drug I take.

    Believe me it doesnt' work miracles but I wouldn't be able to sleep or function without it. I have been on the same dose for years, never increased unless I am having a bad crash or over whelming family problems I would up my dose for a day or two but then back to my usual.

    What does your doc say, mine finally told me it was trial and error and he would work with me. I told him the xanax and bufferin seem to work as well as anything without side effects. I do fear that one day I will have to have something more.

    One more thing I have found that if I stay on a low carb diet I feel and sleep better but I don't always do and lately have been a fast food addict and have I gained weight , was already FAT.

    As far as the family, well my daughter now has custody of her granddaughters but is now out of work so is having a hard time finacially. I wish I could help her but have helped financially all I can. My granddaughter, the mother of the two precious babies is living with some loser not far from here and working at a fast food place. Went from being a dental radiolgist , with a nice place to live, car, children and now has nothing. Lost her good job, apartment, car and children.

    I do see her and she says she is going to try and get her life back together but as long as she is with this loser?? , I do hope one day she will see what she has done, and that she can change.

    The little ones are safe and seem happy with "Nana" , now if Nana can find work. If and when she does I am going to babysit.

    Well, didn't mean to write a book , please let me know how you are doing and thanks for your post.

    God Bless,
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