Boo Hoo - A Song Game!

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    Here's an idea!! Songs that are about crying, tears, sadness, the blues, heartache, heartbreak (sniff, sniff).
    Any song with one of these topics in the title or lyrics.
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    "Boo Hoo" You've got me crying for you. By Guy Lombardo.

    "Heartbread Hotel" Elvis.

    "Sad Eyes" turn the other way, I don't want to see you cry. The Bee Gees.
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    One of my top fave songs of all time.

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    Hi GB

    The first song I thought of was Boo Hoo. I think it was written by Guy
    Lombardo's brother Carmen. Can't check though. The computer won't
    cooperate. During the last couple months, it has been changing whatever I'm
    trying to look up to some other topic. For example "Boo Hoo, song, history"
    was changed to "Boo Hoo, song, history repeating itself". And "Carmen
    Lombardo, biography" was changed to "Carmen, biography". It's no
    wonder that You tube has dozens of videos showing people destroying
    their computers with guns, axes, etc.

    Anyhoo, getting back to our topic:
    Crying in the Chapel.
    I Went to Your Wedding. A Patti Page hit when we were kids.
    My Heart Cries For you. A Guy Mitchell hit, also from the 50s.

    Heartaches by the Number. Another Guy Mitchell hit. Also
    recorded by Ray Price and Johnny Tillotson.
    It Keeps Right On A-hurting. A hit for Johnny Tillotson.

    The Little White Cloud that Cried. Yet another 50s hit.
    Sung by Johnny Ray and the 4 Lads. The 4 Lads are apparently still
    with us. Like the Lombardo brothers, they were from Canada.

    How times have changed. Today from Canada we have Justin Bieber.

  6. Darrae

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    Hi Y'all!

    Good news! I'm back on my synthroid after a year of none. Got my TSH yesterday and it was very low, hence my serious fatigue. New job is going well. Daughter, not so good as yet. Son doing well and 40 lbs away from his hernia surgery. We've taken 60 lbs. off him.

    Here are a few "tear jerkers" for ya.

    "Please Stay" by Westlife

    "Tears of an Angel" by Ryan Dan

    "Tonight I Wanna Cry" by Keith Urban

    "A Little Bitty Tear" by George Jones (Remember this one?)

    Have a great day everybody!

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    Hi y'all!

    I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY, Hank Williams, 1949

    "Hear that lonesome whippoorwill,
    He sounds too blue to fly.
    The midnight train is whining low,
    I'm so lonesome I could cry."

    BLUE EYES CRYIN' IN THE RAIN, Willie Nelson, 1975

    "In the twilight glow I see them
    Blue eyes cryin' in the rain
    When we kissed goodbye and parted
    I knew we'd never meet again"

    TRACKS OF MY TEARS, Linda Ronstadt, 1975

    "So take a good look at my face
    You know my smile looks out of place
    If you look closer it's easy to trace
    The tracks of my tears"

    Good thread, GB. Dar, great to see you posting. I am crossing my fingers and toes for you, for all to work out well!!!

    Hugs, Diane
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    Diane, Willie's Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain has always been one of my favorites! I'd forgotten about that one. Thanks for posting it. :) Beautiful song. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

    Remember this one by Bonnie Tyler?

    Here's a vintage classic by the Marcels, "Heartaches"

    Here's another old vintage song: "Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)" by Spikeyhamster.

    Another of my older favorites, "Teen Angel" by Mark Dinning

    Love this game! Great idea. Hugs to all.