Book Available Which Contains Info Re Obtaining Disability

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    Book Available Which Contains Info Re Obtaining Disability:

    Name of Book: "Persistence is Power"

    By: Jeanne Lazo and Carol J. Amato

    Stargazer Publishing Company, 2004

    282 pages


    Available at:

    With chronic pain, fatigue, and the other symptoms of fibromyalgia, FM patients may experience problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, fibro fog, multiple chemical sensitivities. It can be a tremendous challenge to wake up each weekday and head into the workplace. For some patients, holding down a full-time job can seem like an impossibility. That’s when they start considering applying for disability benefits-—a process that brings with it its own challenges.

    Now those patients have a resource they can turn to for assistance in successfully navigating the disability maze: Persistence is Power, a comprehensive guide to the application process written by Jeanne Lazo, an FM patient, and Carol J. Amato.

    Chapters include “Getting a Grip on Disability,” which addresses topics ranging from determining whether you are legally disabled, handling the reactions of family and friends, and developing coping strategies to charting a legal course of action; “Understanding Disability Benefits,” which covers long-term disability, social security disability, worker’s compensation benefits, and the Americans with Disabilities Act; “Preparing a Winning Claim”; and “Finding the Silver Lining.”

    This easy-to-read, user-friendly volume includes blank charts readers can use to keep track of important information like their medical history, symptoms, medical tests, and treatments—information that is all the more important for people applying for disability benefits. There are also blank charts for pre- and post-disability expenses and income, and letter templates for requesting information and information corrections.

    Persistence is Power also includes plenty of personal accounts from patients who have developed a disability and proceeded through the benefits application process, including Lazo’s own horrific experience—and how she recovered from it. Readers can also refer to lists of pros and cons that will help them decide whether to apply for benefits.

    This is a book for anyone considering navigating the disability maze, or anyone with a loved one enmeshed in the disability process. Not only does the straightforward text make the process seem manageable, this book provides hope to the reader. Disability is a choice, not a last resort—a tool, not a dead end.


    NOTE: I AM NOT promoting this book -- I just saw this info and thought I would pass it on to those who may be interested.

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    Thank you for the information. It should come in handy for many.

    Before I got my SSD I went to a major college library and looked for a book that had all of the SSA rules and regulations for processing a case. It also gave the odds of winning at different points in the pursuit of the case.

    The book further went into detail about relevant information and basically how to win.

    I forgot the name of the book, but it was a law library at a local University. I am sure there are many books out there in school law libraries that can really help others.

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    Can you tell me on what basis you won your case -- was it FM or CFS? And di you have a lot of exotic tests to show cognitive dysfunction or physical disfuctions?

    Thank you so much.


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