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    I was posting this information on the RSD board I am on, and thought it might help a lot of people here too. Young's book really made a difference to me. He speaks a lot about the difference between pain and suffering. That we might have to live with pain in our lives, but we can do something about not suffering from it.

    Young is an American who studied and became a Monk. He has worked with people with chronic pain for 3 decades. There is an article on Young's website that gives a summary of his thinking and how he helps people deal with long term chronic pain. You might find the article on the website interesting - and you might think it is a "bunch of bunk"... but his way of explaining about pain and suffering really did hit home with me, and made a difference for me in dealing with the pain of RSD. He says that the phrase "pain and suffering" are two different words for a reason - they are two different things - and we can learn to have the pain yet lessen the suffering, and even eliminate it.

    The book is:
    Break Through Pain
    A Step-by-Step Mindfulness Meditation Program for Transforming Chronic and Acute Pain
    by Shinzen Young

    Since you can buy a few things on his website I don't think I am allowed to give the web address here. But, if you Google the following phrase the article's link comes up at the top of the google list.

    Shinzen Young The Good News and the Challenge

    Although I have not mastered the meditation ( and I admit that it is hard for me in my life to find a place and time to do the concentrated quiet practice) I do regularly listen to the CD, and re-read parts of the book, and have been able to get quite a bit of relief from my pain by following some of the things Young has in the book and on the CD. I was in quite a panic state with the RSD pain before reading this book, and I am much more relaxed about it now. Yes, it still hurts - but how I feel about it is different.

    It's a small book, and doesn't cost much. With RSD, which is so very painful, everything that I can do to reduce the pain is worth it - especially when it does not involve drugs.

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    Thanks for thinking of us too and sharing with us!
    I will check it out!


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