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  1. ilovepink4

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    i went to [web site address removed as per rules] and ordered the book club book...the book cost $1.80 (us dollars) and $3.50 for shipping....and there are many more used copies...

    i love that website...i love to buy books!
  2. kholmes

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    Bookfinder sounds like a great website.
    Every library should have the book, too, but you might need to reserve it.
  3. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    yaaa, ya knooow....heere in minnAsOOOta we have a librAAry that is closed half da time....ya knooow?
  4. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

  5. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    good place to get the book club book....

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