Book Club: June's book is..... (drum roll)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kholmes, May 29, 2007.

  1. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Rococo, by Adrianna Trigiani, AND Pooh's Workout book, by Ethan Mordden. It was a tie as far as I could tell. One for the mind and one for the body.

    Although eating honey out of a jar is about the only workout of Pooh's that I can probably do.

    I'm putting both on hold at the library. As usual, I'll post a thread on them during the last week of the month.

    New members always welcome.


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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Message received. My assistant is, even now at this very moment, working on the Trigiani book, putting it on hold. (I need an assistant w/ a computer because mine and the library's are not speaking.)

    Puccini's second opera Edgar has character named Tigrana. A wild and jealous gypsy.

    My mother used to have a pekinese named Gypsy. This illustrates how everything in life is connected.

  3. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Glad your assistant is on it.

    Tigrana is a great name. Haven't heard the Puccini Opera, though.

    Did you know that Winnie the Pooh just turned 80 last year? AA Milne's book was first published in 1926.
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    the Pooh books came out in the 20s. Same time E.F. Benson was putting out the Mapp and Lucia books. Ernest Shepard died in 1976, about 20 years after A.A. Milne. (Alexander Allan or something like that.)

    Milne was also a frequent contributor to Punch and a playwright. His son Robin said he wasn't a very good father. Like most successful people he devoted most of his life to his career.

    Robin ran a bookshop. Died several years ago.

    Milne also wrote a brilliant book of poems for kids. Can't remember the name.

    Haha! Gordon put the Trigiani book on hold. I am number UNO!
  5. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Number one? Now that's a first.

    I'll bet it would have been interesting to visit Robin's bookshop.
  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    we're going for the two books.

    Yes poor little 'Christopher' Robin, even litle rich boys with literary fathers can be neglected.

    Phoned library and they had a right giggle at Pooh's workout book having never heard of it so I've just ordered both of Amazon, I have a good friend who is always buying books and passing them onto me so be nice to return the favour. I think she'll be tickled by Pooh.

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  7. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    I love that expression you used: "they had a right giggle at Pooh's Workout Book." You'd never hear that in New Mexico, unless spoken by someone visiting from the UK!

    Glad you're ordering both and then passing them on to your friend.

  8. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Pooh is 80 and I still can't keep up with his exercises!


    Smile on purpose!
  9. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Good one, Greenbean! LOL I can't keep up with the 80 year old Pooh, either.

    Molly: Looking forward to reading the Trigiani.

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