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    It's great to have my computer back and to be online again. Going without your computer for two weeks is misery!

    I loved this book, even having read it before. Christopher has Asperger Syndrome, a syndrome that some researchers see as a type of "high functioning autism," while others see it as a nonverbal learning disorder. It involves deficiencies in social and communication skills, but many people with Asperger Syndrome have exceptional skills or talents in a specific area. Christopher is such an amazing character, and the fact that Haddon gives us Christopher's point of view throughout the story is remarkable.

    My question is, if you had to write the story from another character's point of view, who would you choose? Christopher's dad? Mom? Mr. or Mrs. Shears? Siobhan?
    And how would the story be different?

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    The library still doesn't have the book in yet. Maybe there are more of us around here than I know! ;>)