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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kholmes, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. kholmes

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    Ivan Doig, a Montana writer, is one of the finest writers in the American West. This one is about prairie settlers in Montana and a one-room schoolhouse. I realize this plot doesn't sound all that exciting, but the way Doig writes about characters, families, and the Montana landscape is usually wonderful. And I don't think I've ever read a book set in eastern Montana.

    Check out Amazon for a book description.

    As usual, I'll post a discussion thread during the last week of the month.

    Anyone who wants to just jump in and join us (that's alliterative) is very welcome.

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I have it on hold. I'm number uno. Ole!

    There are lots of websites for Ivan Doig. I visited his own which has discussion questions for some of his books, but not for Whistling Season.

    Ivan is a year older than I, grew up in Montana w/ ranchers and sheepherders and homesteaders, got educated and has a PH.D.

    He wrote his thesis on the life of John McGilvra who was a friend of Lincoln, an atty, and a Seattle pioneer.

    A Literary Device

    Alliteration gives us keys
    To help us learn our ABCs.

    A is for apple and Amber Alert.
    BC is for BronCo and D is for Dirt,
    Disgusting, and dainty, and Dan who was Dandy.

    A most helpful tool; simple and handy.

  3. kholmes

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    #1 on the hold list? That must feel odd for you.

    Thanks for the background on Ivan Doig and the alliteration rhyme.

    I just got my copy yesterday and whistled all the way home.
  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    in about five minutes.

    Enjoyed reading all the responses and quips etc.

    Been busy with family here. Ken, the vitamin D3 1,000 mg is a must for any and each of us here, and probably for the whole population. Rock has started taking it with some agreeable effects. I also think the sublingual B12 they sell at Prohealth is great too.

    Sorry to have lost ffffolk, seems a bit harsh this time, as I doubt anything was done on purpose, sometimes we get things mixed up just because we are ill, old etc.

    I am really looking forward to redaing the book.

    Ken I alwso loved your where are we posts of a while back, never got one right!!! Also Rock's riddles.

    LOve to all, I am tired due to the guests, and BTW Ken, it was my brother who was so badly injured neraly two years ago who came, remember he was on life support for four months, then breathing tube and stoach tube fed another 8 months etc. He can walk with canes now and eta OK etc. doing pretty well, but need 24 hour caregiving even so. Still no insurance settlement can u believe?

    Love Annie
  5. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Here's what it says on the back jacket:

    "Can't cook but doesn't bite." So begins the newspaper ad of a woman seeking housekeeping employment in the fall of 1909. To a widowed father and his three boys in rural Montana, the ad spells salvation, and soon the ever-capable Rose and her unannounced brother, Morris, arrive in the town of Marias Coulee. When the local schoolmarm runs off to be married, the inimitable Morris is pressed into service, setting the stage for an idiosyncratic education. A paean to a vanished way of life, THE WHISTLING SEASON is Ivan Doig is at his evocative best.

    Annie, sounds like your brother has made miraculous progress. But too bad he hasn't gotten an insurance settlement yet. I will try the vitamin D3.
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  6. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Does your library do interlibrary loan? For a dollar, my library will order any book from wherever they can find it. It usually takes about two or three weeks to get it. I live in Albuquerque, but I've gotten books from Ohio, Colorado, California, even Seattle, Wa.

  7. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Oh wait . . . . I read it ;-)

    I hope you all like it as much as I.

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Can you really whistle, Ken? Can you sing? If so you can perform "The Happy Wanderer".

    I love to go a wandering, along the mt. track.
    And as I go I love to sing, my knapsack on my back.
    Val-der-e, Val-der-ra

    Big hit in the 50s for the Vienna Boys Choir.

    Yes, it's nice to be number one on the list. I am number 165 on the list for Julie Andrews' book.

    Linda, you don't have to read the book of the month to participate in the discussion. You can talk about any book (or anything) you like.

    Annie, I never could figure out those "Where in the World is this" puzzles either. It's cause Ken always picked places that looked like Tibet, but turned out to be in Zanesville, Ohio.

    Thanks for the blurb, Ken. Here are some other things that happened in 1909 (per Wikipedia).

    Exploration of both poles.

    Wm Howard Taft became President. He was the greatest (i.e. biggest, i.e. fattest) President and the first to play golf.
    He played almost every afternoon which caused some complaints, however, this practice kept him from doing all the mischief of most of his successors.

    The building of the Titanic, the navy base at Pearl Harbor, and the modern city of Tel Aviv were begun. All these projects began w/ great hopes and a firm belief in progress.

    Victor Borge, Barry Goldwater, Ann Sothern, Burl Ives, and my father were born.

    Ballplayer Mel Ott died. His name still shows up in crosswords.

    And, in case you thought all this was not relevant, Wallace Stegner was born. Ivan Doig, often compared to Stegner, won the Wallace Stegner award 98 years later.


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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I am liking the sound of this book so much...the setting, the storyline...

    we dont even have a proper library here ever since the British Council one closed down and even that one was very very basic

    I have not visited the new one they said they were giving the books to...but i will one of these days

    I might go to those second hand bookshops because you never know what you might find there...i could get lucky...tourists bring books and then sell them cheap to book dealers

    By the way, Rockgors little ditty the Vienna Boys Choir? 'Wandering a wandering on the mountain track' is so charming....I absoulutely love the mountains and walking along mountain tracks, sweet smell of nature in my nostrils and the wind in my face...i would sing it off with gusto....!!!

    Im looking forward to listening in on the discussion whenever anyone of you finishes reading the book

    God Bless
  10. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    My copy is large print. It was either that or a book on tape. Not sure why the Albuquerque library didn't order a regular print copy.

    Rock, thanks for the history background on 1912.
    I do remember "The Happy Wanderer," and can even sing it, whistle, and play it on my guitar. Funny, not many people use the word, "knapsack" anymore. But "backpack" just doesn't fit the song.


  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    wish they had had it on cd though. Got two books on CD I only just read I realised when I started to listen.

    Well Rock falderah to you-good job you took up the flute and not the alpine horn, bit of a job fitting them in the case!!!

    I have been wracking my brain about your riddle me ree and the only thing I think of(and yes I know this is the wrong post to reply) is that in UK when we say clok someone it means hit them(also means check them out)so maybe a potato clock meant someone through a spud at him?

    Old song:

    Me uncle Tom 'ad a nasty black eye,
    'e said someone threw a tomato at 'im
    Tomatoes don't 'urt says I with a grin
    "But this one did it were still in the tin...."

    Toodle oo toodle aye I oodle I oodle I oddle I aye!

    Lots of other verses-my dad used to sing it to us when we were kids.

    Had five consecutive meetings this morning, so I am a little lethargic this pm (I am on a committee for education).

    MMM Rock so you think I am intellectual? My brother was telling me yesterday that he once had a secretary who was a little dim, and she had never heard the word formication and he had dictated a letter saying this word a few times, and left it for her to type, sign pp for him, and send off to important client. She wrote fornication instead as in one sentence
    "We understand you have made enquiries regarding the fornication (formication)procedures at our Cheshire plant...."

    When I was about 14 I presented a talk in front of 900 people about Emily Pankhurst and referred to her all the way through as an "emaciated" woman ahead of her time"...well actually as people all seem far too thin these days maybe there was, after all, some truth in that!!!

    Many a slip twixt tongue and lip as the moth said to the silk camisole....

    Hafta go I hear people in this house running A/C's and it is only 85 or so..

    Love Annie

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