Book Club: September's book is...MARLEY AND ME

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kholmes, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. kholmes

    kholmes New Member


    Looks like it got excellent readers' reviews on Amazon. Let's read it and start posting on it on the 27th. As usual, I'm getting my copy at the public library. It's also available on audiotape.


    Here are a couple of Editorial reviews from Amazon:


    Editorial Reviews

    From Publishers Weekly
    Labrador retrievers are generally considered even-tempered, calm and reliable;and then there's Marley, the subject of this delightful tribute to one Lab who doesn't fit the mold. Grogan, a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and his wife, Jenny, were newly married and living in West Palm Beach when they decided that owning a dog would give them a foretaste of the parenthood they anticipated. Marley was a sweet, affectionate puppy who grew into a lovably naughty, hyperactive dog. With a light touch, the author details how Marley was kicked out of obedience school after humiliating his instructor (whom Grogan calls Miss Dominatrix) and swallowed an 18-karat solid gold necklace (Grogan describes his gross but hilarious "recovery operation"). With the arrival of children in the family, Marley became so incorrigible that Jenny, stressed out by a new baby, ordered her husband to get rid of him; she eventually recovered her equilibrium and relented. Grogan's chronicle of the adventures parents and children (eventually three) enjoyed with the overly energetic but endearing dog is delivered with great humor. Dog lovers will love this account of Grogan's much loved canine.
    Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

    From AudioFile
    Dog lovers will delight in the antics of Marley, a yellow lab, as he happily terrorizes the Grogan household. John Grogan, columnist for the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, reads this account of life with, arguably, one of the world's worst dogs. The listener gets to delight in Marley's mischief without having to deal with the mess or the embarrassment of such a dog. You can hear the affection in Grogan's voice, even as he relates his frustrating, humbling, and humiliating experiences with such a lovable menace. Grogan starts out reading a bit stiffly, but he soon finds his groove and delivers a listening experience that will keep one wishing for a longer commute. H.L.S. © AudioFile 2006, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine --This text refers to the Audio CD edition.

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  2. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I am not in the bookclub but wanted you all to know that you are going to LOVE the book Marley and Me. You will laugh trust me. It is super!!!

  3. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Sassy2: Welcome to the book club! There is something enjoyable about reading books with other people, isn't there? That's wonderful that you shared books with your mother. Can you share audio books with her?

    Lolalee: Thanks. It does sound like a very fun read.


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  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The news is out,
    All over town.
    They say that you
    Been runnin' aroun'.

    They say that time
    Heals a broken heart.
    But time has stood still
    Since we've been apart.

    OK, so now we know. Or as Heisenberg said, "Now we know that we shall never know." Of course that was in a different context.

    But everything is related to Kevin Bacon and both K.B. and Ray Charles are made up of atoms, so we see that it all works out.

    Now that the news is out, I went to put "Marley and Me" (could this be a sequel to "The Egg and I"?) on hold at the LA Library. It was already on hold.

    Whoa! Psychedelic! ESP! The Amazing Randi!

    Turns out Gordon (my Partner) put it on hold.

    So now we know all.
  5. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good! I think you'll enjoy it.

  6. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Wanted to join the book club but I'm number 4 on the list at my library for this book so may not make the deadline on this one..... smallville USA... LOL

  7. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Tonakay: Maybe you can tell your library you're in a book club and see if they'll it through interlibary loan.

    Rockgor: I hadn't heard of Heisenberg or James Randi connected to Kevin Bacon before! LOL

  8. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member


    I am VERY excited as I have just finished reading the book and now must wait 18 days to discuss.

  9. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    :) Ty in advance for hours of entertainment!
    ((hugs)) Shannon
  10. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    My library's copies are all checked out, but just put it on hold. I'm sure I'll be able to catch up.

    I just got back from a library sale - 10 hardcovers for a dollar. I found some treasures - one of my favorites, 'Bella Tuscany': The Sweet Life in Italy by Frances Mayes. I would say that would have been my top choice to find.

    In a beautiful hardcover edition with good-quality paper with those lovely uneven pages.

    The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, with wonderful illustrations.
    Bernie Siegael's 'Peace, love and healing', on mind-body communication.

    A book on meditaion by Rajinder Singh. Might ask Honora for some input if I get stuck.

    And a book I leant out over 15 years ago, and have been dying to read again.

    Thanks for listening to this long rhapsody! I am on such a high from my treasure- hunt.

    I'm sure you guys understand.

    Happy Reading!
  11. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Sounds like some great finds! Don't you love library sales?
    Bella Tuscany: sounds beautiful.

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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    The first one I found about 4 years ago and stayed up reading it way into the early morning hours. I was so enthralled by it and wanted desperately to go to Tuscany. I even got books and maps but then FM hit big time.

    The movie really didn't do the book justice. I have now purchased all of her books on tape and every now and then I pop them in and listen again.
  13. preciousangel

    preciousangel New Member

    I want to let you know this is a great book that made me laugh and cry. I love it!
  14. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    This seems like a book that may not have a dying dog in it, I hope so. I will give it a whirl.

    Love Anne
  15. kat2002

    kat2002 New Member

    "Marley and Me" sounds like a book I might enjoy, so I'm in. Hopefully, this time I will be able to talk about it come discussion time!

  16. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    I really like survival stories, but the carnage in LIFE OF PI was brutal. I needed to watch LASSIE or HOMEWARD BOUND--or something like that--after it.


  17. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    if anyone missed it.

  18. lucysmom2

    lucysmom2 New Member

    Excellent choice! I've been wanting to read it. Even went to but never actually placed the order.
    You've given me the motivation to order the book. Thanks.
  19. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Just got the book today, and i'm on chapter 5.

    When can we start talking about the book??

    I'm can be a bit of a critic at times, I hope that's okay?

    I really dislike it when writers and movie people insist on using my Lords name in vain.

    It's offensive, and absolutely NOT necessory to any story.

    I find the story interesting enough, i'm waiting to see what happens to this dog, and if they will continues to love this nerotic animal, or get rid of him.

    However at times there is to much unneccary mundane detail, like giving me the direction, on the pregnancy box. Just pointless, besides that i've already read the box once or twice myself didn't need a recap.

    Told you i could be tuff!!

    Still it's fun reading just skipping over some of that fill in the blank stuff, for the real story.


    Okay, tuff girl is crying at the end of chap. 6. And,in chapter 7 getting a history lesson on the origins of a lab.

    Well at least that took care of the tears. LOL

    If i didn't already know, i would say this book is written by a man.
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  20. jeduanboneis

    jeduanboneis New Member

    Loved this book!!
    It was a sweet story and a fast read!!! Which is good when we have thick brains sometimes.

    I LOVE animal stories !!!!!


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