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    I'm not able to read much anymore, but a friend recommended a book, & after 3 renewals I finally finished Out of the World: A Woman's Life Among the Amish by Mary Swander.

    The author suffered from allergies, autoimmune problems & multiple chemical sensitivity & went to live on a small farm among the Amish in Eastern Iowa so as to not be surrounded by so many fertilizers & pesticides, etc. (Though, I imagine that there must have been farms nearby that produced genetically altered crops.)

    She lived alone, grew her own food, was turned down for disability (of course), etc. In a clear way she writes about her struggles, that she has to learn on her own about what works & what doesn't, interaction with people, struggles with carpul tunnel, etc.

    Much of what she writes is applicable to the daily hardships of our invisible disabilities. I enjoyed the book & I think it is definitely worth taking out of the library -- even 3 times!

    Here's a sample section of her writing.

    "I was ashamed my afflication was so small. how could I complain when I still had a roof over my head and could get up and down the stairs alone...What I never did was deny my illness nor its seriousness. I didn't have to. Everyone else did that for me.

    Most disabled people fight to let the able-bodied world know that thay are not their disability, that they are capable of normal activities and functioning. I wanted the able-bodied to grasp that I was different, very different, and couldn't 'function normally'...

    Even most traditonal M.D.'s deny Environmental Illness exists, and explain it away as 'depression.' So, how was the lay person going to understand? I was locked inside myself, and grew to resent even the majority, the supportive people who tried to understand...

    I applied for disability compensation and was turned down because they didn't have a code number for Environmental Illness in their books. I went to Social Services for help to pay for my prescription drugs and was advised to emigrate to a country with socialized medicine..."[This Message was Edited on 11/26/2006]
    [This Message was Edited on 11/26/2006]
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    Lukro, hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Best wishes.

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