Book Review: “The Truth About Chronic Pain” by Arthur Rosenfeld

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    Book Review: “The Truth About Chronic Pain” by Arthur Rosenfeld

    Suffering from Chronic Migraines for several years, on an everyday basis, has left me with very few options. While narcotics are not the first line of treatment, they are there as a last resort, and to some, the only resort. For many, the idea of taking a narcotic medication, either as needed or as an extended release dosage, provokes many feelings. Many people are afraid of stigmas and discrimination, sometimes even coming from ourselves.

    Many questions cross our minds like: Will I become addicted? Does this make me an addict? If I like the medications, should I feel guilty? Who should I tell about my medical treatments? Will religion condone my treatment? What if my doctor won’t prescribe me the medication, because he is afraid of being bullied by the law?” These are questions that I had, so a friend suggested that I read this book to help me with my questions and anxieties.

    By reading views from other patients, doctors and specialists, as well as “thinkers on pain,” this book helps atients, their family and friends, as a reference that includes facts and emotional comfort, while trying to understand pain and how to treat it. Patients with back pain, sickle cell anemia, migraines, stroke victims, car accident victims, connective tissue disease, and those with other forms of pain are interviewed.

    In the second section; neurologists, a sports physiologist, massage therapist, neuroradiologist, dentist, psychiatrists, alternative therapists, and doctors from pain clinics are interviewed for their insight on how chronic pain is an inherit part of their practice.

    In the third section; professors, a self help author, a theologist, director of medical ethics, a nurse, the chief liaison for the DEA, a teacher of Zen, and a Rabbi are all interviewed for their views on the medical necessities that are ssociated with chronic pain.

    After reading this book, I felt much more comfortable about my position on these drugs, given my situation and treatment options. I felt that I had an educated and calm response to those that questioned my treatment plan. This
    book is a powerful reference for all patients, especially those that don’t look sick. I highly suggest “The truth about Chronic Pain” by Arthur Rosenfeld to anyone who, as the cover mentions, want to “face it, understand
    it,” and most importantly, “overcome it.”

    Ref:Book Review by Amy-Beth Maran from

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    You have brought up such an important subject here....and I for one appreciate the information you have posted for all of never really occured to me that "guilt" was what I was feeling for the "good" part of taking narcotic pain meds........

    I have never been the kind of person to take medication....and I often tell my Dr if there is such a thing as "the opposite of a drug addict" then Iam it! LOL

    However......since taking narcotic pain meds has gotten me up and out of bed......given me back a quality of life I had lost for several years........I have decided to "allow" myself to take them.....and if for an hour or so they make me feel "good" then so be it........I will admit now that you mention it that I have felt guilty for that part of my pain management.....

    But since it has been addressed here....I realize that it is definatly something I need to work on......because I know that if it weren't for the agonizingly bad migraines and dd pain I have I would not take pain medications at all........but I do take them I want to? "NO" but do I "need" to to have a quality of life at all? "YES"!

    it took me a long time to be able to stand up for myself when people would criticize me for taking pain meds....frankly I just don't care what "those" kind of people think anymore......for they are not in my shoes and if they were they would probably take more than I do!

    Thanks again for posting this...........I am going tomorrow to see if I can get this book.....for "knowledge is power" and there is always room for more knowledge!;)

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    The book sounds interesting. I have a quick question though, since you have read it.

    Who do you tell? I have an upcoming appointment w/physical therapist and was just wondering to I really want to tell them what I take?

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