Books by Dr. Devin Starlanyl ?

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  1. Anyone recommend a good one to read first by this dr. And is it true she has fibro? I am interested in reading about the myofacial pain problem we have with fibro.
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    Her books are excellent, some of the most comprehensive I have read. Her book, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome is the one to start with. She does have Fibro and refers often to her own experiences.

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    I've known Devin for more than 15 years and she's an amazing woman - who DOES have FM.

    Her book "The FM Advocate" is invaluable if you're trying to get benefits for FM.

    I also recommend all of Miryam Erlich Williamson's books on FM. She's another long-time friend and her books are both medically based and full of practical advice.

    Both women are heroes of mine!

    - julie (is free!)
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    "The Fibromyalgia Advocate" has been my bible! Yes, she does suffer from FM, also has myofascial pain---both books recommended have excellent info on both issues (FM & MP); I actually would recommend her second book, the "Fibromyalgia Advocate" if you are only buying one of these two books, because there is a very good overview of both conditions and symptoms, but also it is chock full of great advice on dealing with ALL your other health professionals---she has sections on "What your dentist needs to know about FM", and every other healthcare provider, i.e. gynecologist, ER doctor, therapist, chiropractor, and so on. My dentist actually asked me to xerox the part on dentists & FM, as several of his patients had FM.

    There's also tons of info on FM and the workplace, how to interface with virtually everyone in your life when you have FM (family, friends, boss, co-workers, etc.) and legal issues. It is really a very comprehensive book!

    I think Amazon does a deal where you can get both of her books (the "FM & MPS" book and the "Advocate") for a package price, but as I said, I'd opt for the "Advocate" if cost is an issue. My husband actually got this for me when I was first dx'd and it was the best gift he ever gave me, I've recommended it a lot!

    Good luck,
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    For fibrobutterfly
  6. I will ck. them out at the book store.

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