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    Can we start a list of our ALL TIME favorites ?

    Maybe I will see your suggestions and go to the
    used bookstore

    Mine :
    1) To Kill A mockingbird ( Harper Lee )

    2) Charms For The Easy Life ( Kaye Gibbons )

    3)David Copperfield ( Charles Dickens )

    If you go to Amazon, you can look these up and they will have reader reviews . I find good suggestions for
    new reads .

    I look forward to your responses ! I do not think you could be disappointed with the three I suggested . They are delightful " Take me Away " Stories .
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    Stainislaw by, Graham Fitch a true story that he elaborated on a bit. It was a very good read!

    A Million Little Pieces by, James Frey another true story that he elaborated on, and had to go on Oprah to admit to it. It was also a good read!

    Three Weeks With My Brother by, Nicholas & Micah Sparks. A true story that will make you laugh & cry. I love this book!

    Learning To Breath Again by, Tammy Trent. This book is sure to make you cry, & renew your faith!

    Jesus Land by, Julia Scheeres. Wow! Another good book. It shows how damaging a cult can be. It is so sad that she turned away from Jesus from this real life trauma. All parent's need to read this book before sending troubled teens off to "tough love" camp.

    Wrong Side of the River by, Cliff Johnson. This is a true story of a little boy that not only survived a heartbreaking childhood, but grew up to be a wonderful man. I actually met him & his wife! A very good book. order at

    There is my most current list! I would reccommend each one, but maybe space the tear jerkers apart with somthing that has a lot of laughter! If anyone reads them please give me feedback. Hugs, Tam
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    There are too many to lists, but my all time favorite book is "Gone with the Wind". I have read it 4 times. Movie is good too, but the book says it so much better. Fiddlededee
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    I'm a voracious reader. I read about 5-7 books a week, usually fiction. Here are some of my favorite authors in no particular order:

    Nora Roberts
    Sandra Brown
    Heather Graham
    Susan Sizemore (paranormal)
    Karen Moning (paranormal)
    Karen Robards
    J R Ward (paranormal)

    I know there are more, but I can't think of them at the moment.

    Thanks for the thread, I love seeing everyones suggestions.


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    Any books by Jodi Picoult (except her most recent-can't remember the name..a little strange)

    Also, books by Reynolds Price