Booster Amino Acid Solution Shot Is Working

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    As most of y'all who have followed my year-long treatment with these shots know, they used to be referred to as "peptide" injections. The FDA has issued stern warnings to anyone using that word to describe them so I'm no longer calling them that. I don't want to get my doc in trouble.

    After four months of off-and-on UTI's and ABX, I felt my Sjogren's Syndrome symptoms and arthritis pain and weakness in my hands and wrists returning. The worst was the Sjogren's exhaustion. Even having CFIDS and FMS together wasn't as exhausting as Sjogren's.

    Fri., I took another injection after having been off of them for a year. The doc warned me that this sometimes happens. The injection worked. I took it at 9:00 and by 2:00 p.m., I was starting to drool (extreme dry mouth and eyes are Sjogren's symptoms). Today, my eyes are moist too. The pain, swelling and inflammation in my hands is gone. My energy has returned but I've had to take it a bit easy until today because I've been off my blood pressure meds for four days. I also believe the shots have a better chance of working when I rest after for a couple of days.

    There has been quite a bit of interest in these injections due to my success on them. I just wanted to update everyone on how it is going. I know that a few have not achieved the success I have been blessed with. A lot depends on the number of receptors in one's brain and I evidently have a lot of them.

    Love, Mikie