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  1. RonaEileen

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    I've been taking the bloodwork and having this test done for the last 4 years or so. It consistently comes up borderline. I used to know the number exactly, but it escapes me tonight. Anyway, one doctor thought it is a disease state in "formation". Another doctor dismisses it as nothing.

    Anyone else have test results like this?

  2. RonaEileen

    RonaEileen New Member

    I've been taking the bloodwork and having this test done for the last 4 years or so. It consistently comes up borderline. I used to know the number exactly, but it escapes me tonight. Anyway, one doctor thought it is a disease state in "formation". Another doctor dismisses it as nothing.

    Anyone else have test results like this?

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    that some (possibly many?) Lupus patients are actually misdiagnosed because of false-positive ANA. They have a positive ANA, but fail to meet the other criteria for Lupus, although some drs have dx'd them based solely on the positive.

    You may want to check out library here, or ask this on the Lupus board. There are alot of Lupus orgs. which have comments on the ANA issue.

    Best wishes and keep us posted. Michele
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    Hi Rona! There is a good article about ANA tests at our Library here. I've copied the first few parpagraphs to give you an idea of it, and copied the link (it may or may not work, but should help you find it). Let me know if you need help to get to the article.


    Tired, Aching, ANA-positive: Do You Have Lupus or Fibromyalgia?


    By David Blumenthal, M.D., Dept. of Rheumatic and Immunologic Diseases, The Cleveland Clinic

    COMPLAINTS OF CHRONICALLY LOW ENERGY, arthralgias, and myalgias are common in any primary care setting. Physicians often investigate with a battery of laboratory tests, and if the antinuclear antibody (ANA) test is positive the patient is frequently referred to a rheumatologist with a presumptive diagnosis of lupus.

    But in fact, few of these patients will be found to have lupus or any other inflammatory rheumatic disease, and many will be diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

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    This sounds very familiar & is also driving me up the wall.. I have had a slightly positive ANA for some time..But then again, I do have AIH (autoimmune hepatitis)and they tell me I'm more likely to have another autoimmune problem because once you have one, your more likely to have another..From other tests that were run, they say, yes, I do have something else, but they can't pinpoint it..It can sometimes take a few years to get a correct diagnosis of Lupus..I do have the Fibro, and also Raynold's Syndrome, but they still think something more is going on..I see a family physician, nuero, gastro, rhuemy,and yet they all say different things at different times..I know I have osteoarthritis, but some think maybe it's RA now..Like someone said, I wish they could all sit down together and really get into my test results, and my complaints..Just wanted to let you know, I understand how frustrating this whole thing is.....
    Take Care.....God Bless............Donna
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    Hi Rona
    Like you my Ana has been positive now for almost 4 years and I still havent got a diagnosis of an autoimmune problem.
    I saw an immunologist around 8 weeks ago and he ran some tests. The first round of tests pointed to a connective tissue disorder and something vascular. He then said he would run some more tests to try and pinpoint something possible lupus. he also mentioned cerebal lupus which can cause mood disorders which I have.
    I should get the results in the next week or so.
    I really think I,m a mystery to all of the doctors I,ve seen. Seems like they,ve got a lot of learning to do.
    love therese
  7. RonaEileen

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    Thank you everyone for so many interesting, overwhelming and excellent responses. I am more confused here I ask some more questions....

    What is cerebral lupus???

    What is a positive ANA test? If I'm told I'm "borderline" is that considered positive?

    Yes it stinks to be in diagnostic limbo land!!! On the other hand...I don't think I want to land after all. The possibilities scare me!

    I'm so glad that I'm with a group of people that understand. Out in the "real" world...people expect me to be superwoman...I get tired of saying I can't...I won't. No one takes this seriously. I feel like a whiner, a complainer....and I'm really nothing like that...never was. I find myself not saying much at all because people (my own family) don't get it. I hate this so much sometimes.

  8. dlizard

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    I've had speckled ANA's very highly positive and then a yr or two later negative. It's a frustrating thing we all have. There is noone with answers. SOme MD's do in fact have a clue but most don't. Some will even tell you that they don't believe in our disease. Well, my consolation is that there used to be no cure for cancer and no rehab for strokes etc. Things will change, it's just a matter of time! and of course persistence on our parts...
    I have nothing really to say except that my ANA's vary from positive to negative and its not that unusual! Good luck!
  9. Milo83

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    I understand where you are coming from completly..I never was a whiner and said, "no, I can't help you, or I can't do this or that"..Now when I do, some people look at me like I'm just damn old lazy..I always took pride in my home, used to be a "clean freak", - no more, I keep my house up the best I can..My husband says he understands, and he is always very helpful, but yet down deep inside, I wonder does this man really have a clue sometimes..He has read things that I printed off the computer and also been along to some dr. visits now and then..Sometimes I feel like he thinks I'm using my problems as an excuse to not get things done..But then he will turn around and say, "don't worry about it"..He works very long hours, so I'm responsible for everything, running all the errands, making any phone calls, (which them in themselves can drive you up the wall), making sure our 16yr old son has to get to wherever he might have to be, and the list goes on..I also write the checks and find it harder and harder to do that with my hands and also my "mind"..Then I have this so called friend, who always says, I don't know how you do it, but then she will always be calling me for favors, or could I loan her money, or get her cigs..Just the other day, she asked if my husband and I could help her move, "what is she out of her mind"..People are clueless sometimes...
    At this point in my life, I would give anything to be able to hold down a job.........Sorry, I went on and vented here..But just know that you are not alone here....
    Take Care......God Bless.......Donna
  10. jackiec

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    dlizard mentioned the "speckled pattern----my ANA was high and of speckled pattern, and that's why my current (and most thorough) doctor tested me for EBV. Found I have chronic EBV/chronic mono because he paid attention to the speckled pattern and did further testing.

    to read more on what a positive ANA means, check my previous post above---there's a great article that is posted at the Library here.

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  11. Milo83

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    Yes it sure does seem like we have a lot in common..I'm getting so tired of some of these drs..Just running back and forth to them tires me out..Once I have to run to appts., I'm shot for the day, except to get dinner on the table..The thing with the autoimmune, and dr. thinking "maybe lupus"..Well that one really ticked me off..I'm suppossed to have one of the best rhuemy's in my area, I'm starting to wonder..One dr. suggested a "lupus panel" be done, the rhuemy more or less said NO, THEY DON'T SHOW ANYTHING.......Well why not run it and see what the results are anyway..Even though it might not be accurate, let's just see what it says..Do you understand where I'm coming from..I say let's use every test possible and maybe we can pinpoint the problems..I don't want to sit here and just wait for a couple of years when maybe by then it will be too late, to really try to help me..
    Do you get real bad with your Raynold's..I can't even handle cold meat without hurting and turning colors..
    Well I'm sorry I rambled on so long.....
    Take Care......God Bless.........Donna
  12. stargazer

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    My Ana has been high, low positive, negative... I am told Lupus then no, told maybe MS then no, we don;t think so, but we;ll test again at a later time, I do have FMS and Raynaud's SO bad that sometimes I can't even shop in the frozen food aisles at the grocery store. I think because they don;t know what causes these things that we, unfortunatley are caught in the cycle of conflicting opinion and procedure. I have sufered with these symptoms for so long that when I know I'm not feeling right or I should say worse than ususal I demand test so they'll be some record for comparison and even though I'm told and have read that a fluctuating ANA does not correspond tp Lupus flares from my personal experience I don;t believe this to be true. Ido believe , sorry guys, that if more men were afflicted these autoimmmune and FMS and CFS would have recieved more funding and research long ago. Which would have helped everyone
  13. RonaEileen

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    I'm amazed that OTHER people have the SAME symptoms yet there is no research to know what to call it. We may demonstrate borderline, spotted, positive, negative ANAs...panels or no panels...this IS something....but what???

    (By the way, I had one of those panels done...and it yielded conflicting results leading the prescribing physician to conclude it was a lab error). Incredible the stuff we go through.

    I, too, am so weary of doctors who just shrug their shoulders or deny the symptoms just because they can't figure it out.

    We need to figure out how to push the funding to our direction...somehow....someway....we need help...we need clarification and validation....

    Or do we? I'm so sick and tired of doctors that cannot help me. I just....hate them. :-(