Born This Way (the book)

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    by Paul Vitagliano

    Just heard an inspiring interview on my daily talk radio
    show with the hostess and Paul. They actually grew up
    and have known each other for many years and today are

    Paul talks about his struggles and of MANY who deal with
    how they were born and how NOW they are free to be
    who they are. He wrote a book about his journey and many
    others by going on the internet and gathering data from
    so many on their lives...

    But, MANY do not let this freedom ring true and it's so
    sad....Paul says that every family has someone who is
    gay and many never could deal with it or others would
    not deal with it. The struggles and bullying experienced
    by so many for so many years of their lives...many have
    died because of not being accepted.

    Very inspiring and thought I'd share it many
    closed minds in the World.....ignorance to say the least.
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    I just saw a program on tv yesterday. a talk show on indian channel
    where gay people were invited to share their thoughts and tell
    others how it has been for them.

    What struck me was how elegant all of the guys were. One was
    a very nice looking personable chap no trace of gayness as we know it
    but he had struggles and finally coming to america to study made him
    open up and come out to his family back home.

    His partner was more effeminate, a psychologist whom he met on
    Facebook and my, what a wonderful person! He just lit up the room
    when he entered, all smiles and light steps and happiness radiating
    from him. He said he had never felt sad about his gayness and his
    parents even being Indian just embraced him as he was just as he
    had embraced his own gayness as soon as he found out. He made
    the whole audience laugh while talking.

    Then there was another guy but he had had more of a tough battle.
    With his parents trying all sorts of things from prayer ceremonies to
    doctors to try and 'cure' him. He descended into drug addiction and
    finally someone took him to a rehab centre where he not only got
    counseling for his substance abuse habit but also for his feelings
    about his sexuality. He is in a good place now tho still hurting from
    his experiences (not all related to his being gay).

    My daughter and i had met a young man who was gay at a party
    some years ago and she echoed my thoughts when we later discussed
    it. She said what a lovely personality he was besides being very
    well mannered and elegant looking. Hes also highly intelligent
    having gained entrance into one of the top universities of America.

    We have gay parades here which are thousand strong now. And im
    happy our world is losing its rigidity and becoming more humanised.
    And accepting of what is. And tolerating what in the past used to be
    taboo due to pure ignorance.

    Thanks for sharing.

    God bless

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    share from your part of the world....good to hear the
    positives...I'll write a little more later...jam

    Adding some comments:

    Good news from Jim Nabors 82 and his 38 yr partner Stan, left their
    Honolulu home for Seattle and were recently married...Jim said, he is
    so blessed to have had a partner for 38 yrs and is so happy. Brought
    a little tear to my eye....<br

    Years ago when I worked in San Jose, my co worker was gay and he
    was able to talk to me about his growing up and all his struggles,,,we
    had an easy time being friends, he moved to NC a few yrs ago from CA and voiced his concerns about attitudes there. Thank goodness I live
    in a liberal open thinking state...[This Message was Edited on 01/30/2013]