borna virus, depression & antiviral drug amantadine

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    *DR. S. Levine will test for this virus by overnighting blood to germany and treat w/ amantadine.

    Research suggests virus may play role in depression

    Research from Germany indicates some cases of serious depression may be caused by a virus.

    "We think that there is ... a lot of evidence that Borna virus has clinical significance for this type of disease," said Dr. Liv Bode of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin.

    In the United States, at least 17 million people have some form of clinical depression -- not just a passing case of the blues, but a disabling and often long-term disease.

    Scientists are still unraveling the causes of the disease: genetics, stress and possibly a virus.

    The virus was first identified in the late 1800s among horses near the town of Borna, Germany. The horses stopped eating, walked in circles and got sick. Some even killed themselves.

    Autopsies led scientists to the virus in the region of the horses' brains that controls emotions. Researchers in Berlin have found a similar strain in humans.

    "I think it is supporting our hypothesis that this virus, this particular agent, has really something to do with this type of disorder," Bode said.

    The anti-viral drug amantadine, used to treat Parkinson's disease, has been found to relieve some cases of depression. A trial is now under way.

    "I think I'm one of the most skeptical people around ... but I have to face the fact that for about a year now, we've been treating patients and we've been seeing responses to amantadine," said Dr. Ron Ferszt of the Free University of Berlin.

    German patient Rosemarie Wenzlaff, who suffered from depression for 10 years, says the medication changed her life.

    "I didn't take care of myself when I was depressed; I couldn't eat," she said. "Now I'm thinking of cooking marmalade. I listen to music now. I watch TV. It's a totally different life."

    Scientists in the United States say these early findings are interesting, but not conclusive. Results are expected later this year from clinical trials in Berlin that might demonstrate a link between the Borna virus and depression.

    *this article is from the 90's[This Message was Edited on 10/28/2008]
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    Dr. Holtorf prescribes Amantadine. I've used it in the past and felt somewhat better, but stopped for some reason. I'll have to do some more research on it and maybe start taking it again. Thanks for posting this!

    Where did you get the info that Dr. S. (is that Susan) Levine will test for the borna virus? Is there a reason not to post doctor's names? If so, I'll remove the first name. Thanks.
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    levine was a guest speaker at the new jersey cfs conference over the weekend. she spoke about borna and has perscribed amantandine for it with mixed results.
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    i tried amantadine. i got MUCH worse with it. i stopped it because i couldnt stand it. i wonder if it was working?

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    I also tried Amantadine and got worse.

    take care
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    was that research followed up on?

    I have had realisaton that perhaps everything starts as or morphs into a viral or bacterial issue, this freaks me out.