(Borrowing from Prickles) What is your survival kit for your job?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. SweetT

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    I thoroughly read all of the posts on "what is your fm/cfs survial kit", for the things we *must* have when taking a trip. However, please alter your responses to fit the workplace, for those of you that work outside of the home.

    For me, I have been thinking that some of my shoulder pain is coming from carrying purses and totes. I do need to carry things. Along with my money, identification and supplements, I have my pocket calendar, which contains frequently-needed phone numbers (doctors' offices; my kids's schools, etc.). I like to keep handwritten hard copies of those things---------I don't trust keeping everything in an electronic organizer, because you can lose all of your information if someting happens to it.

    I need a pocket calender/organizer with sturdy pockets to hold important phone numbers/cards. I also need a bookbag, but I don't want it to look like a college student backpack, but it must be long enough to accommodate sheets of paper, as I must document things on my job, because my employers are constantly trying to find reasons to discipline me or otherwise *pick* with me.

    Any suggestions?
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    Dear SweetT:

    Have you seen those rolling briefcases or files? Some look nice, but others look a bit like a plastic milk carton on wheels. I find that they are very easy to use, and especially good if you have to tote around heavy files, or a laptop, or just your stuff. I know that they start at about $20 at the larger office supply chains.

  3. BHopeful

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    Started a new job this week and boy did it kick up my fibromyalgia.

    My survial kit is really having zanax on hand for pain and sensory overload, tylenol rapid release for pain, and I always have water and iced tea. I would love to have diet Coke, but Ice Tea gives you a mroe gentle caffeine boost as actually has health properties.

    Also if you work in a space with flourescent lights, it's best to bring in natural light instead.

    Take care everyone. Working with a chronic illness is not fun.