Boss thinks fibro is a BS diagnosis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JPach007, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. JPach007

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    Here's one for you. A Vet that thinks she knows ANYTHING about Fibro! I was told that my boss made a comment the other day that she thought my diagnosis was BS. My Dr. faxed in a "Dr's note" as I asked him to, excusing me from "Walking dogs weighing over 50 lbs"
    Now I get laughed at behind my one understands its not really the size of the dog, its painful for me when a dog pulls on the leash. I just cannot do it.
    And if that isnt bad enough, Saturday I thought I worked and showed up at 7:55 am, and I wasnt supposed to work...My comment was so stupid! I said..."I just get up everyday and come here, I dont pay attention to what day it is!" So you can imagine all the laughs now.
  2. LollieBoo

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    It's so rough to have to work in an unsupportive environment. It bothers me that they are unable to laugh WITH you when you are willing to laugh at yourself. It makes it clear that it is THEIR problem.

    My heart goes out to you-
  3. tonakay

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    I feel bad for you but please ignore the laughs. They come from people that how no idea what you are going through...BUT.. maybe one day they will! I have three dogs of my own, indoors, and walk them all on a leash. My big old mutt dog just about yanks my arm out of it's socket and I think that is why is never heals. I sit with my heating pad on my right shoulder daily.

    Try to ignore the 'ignorant' folks and know that all of 'us' are pulling for you!

  4. beth0818

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    i am having the same problem at work and at home. everything where i work calls cfs the lazy white girl disease. be strong
  5. Tigger57

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    I'm sorry that those people are so inconsiderate. Your boss above all deserves a good kick in the butt.

    I'm sorry that you have to put up with that.
  6. dancingstar

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    If you like your job and the people that you work with, I agree that you should try to work it out. If you are feeling really oppressed, though, and it is affecting your health, you might have to file a workers' comp. claim.

    I say this because I have one "friend" that thinks my FMS is BS as well, and I know that I become more sick when I am trying to defend myself to her. It drains my energy and makes me hurt all over. After a while, I told her that I couldn't continue with our friendship because it was too hard on my body even though I care about her and wish her well.

    In your case, though, your boss isn't allowed to create a hostile work environment. You do need to explain the situation to her and do everything that you can to help her to help you; but she cannot be malicious nor knowingly allow others to be mean to you. Thing is that it actually causes you more stress, and the stress is hard on your body and makes it more difficult for you to heal and causes you more pain. Hopefully you can work it out as that's the best way to go, but if it is too much for you, you can always seek the advice of a workers' comp. lawyer.

    Best of luck!
  7. jake123

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    I quit my job due to a person who I hired and placed in a position of importance. He immediately became very superior to ME! He acted like I was crap! I couldn't believe the nerve of this guy.
    He asked me my opinion of hiring a person who was 58, did I think he was too old? I said NO, you'll be there in five years.
    He refused to give me the schedule I needed. I couldn't bear to have a class at 2:40-3:45. I just ran out of energy. I couldn't even project my voice very well after noon.
    A couple of years later I saw him in a back brace. I said what happened to Bob? He's had alot of trouble with his back. And I said Maybe now he will understand what it is like to have a chronic health problem.
    Also, his wife left him for another man. What goes around comes around. And I love my job!!!
  8. elsa

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    you're going through this. You've gotten some good advice though, so I'll just add my support and positive thoughts.

    However, for the dear,sweet girl who has to be in an enviroment full of people referring to CFS as "lazy white girl's desease" ... It would make my day to have them say that to my face. It would be the very last time they mentioned it again.

    I am 5'11' and wear couple inch heels from time to time. I have perfected getting in someone's space and using my heigth too tower over them. They cant help but have to lean back to see my eyes.

    I can have some really cold eyes too when I'm making a particular kind of point. While I was pointing out the error of their ways, there would be a soft smile on my lips (that didn't reach eyes) and a very low, soft voice.

    It terrifies bullies when they are being ripped about verbally in a soft spoken voice combined with a smile.

    I hope you aren't letting these people get away with this .. you know, laughing along like it doesn't hurt. It very well does hurt, and not only you, but all of us with the "lazy white girl's" desease.

    Peace to all of you. I agree with most here ... what goes around comes around ... eventually or ultimately ... which ever comes first.

    Night all,

  9. paulwin

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    I have had CFIDS for over ten years now. The level of non support is staggering. Try not to take it personally. Even though I still work 3-5 dyas a week at times when I am feling better even more. I was recently talking to a friend about vacations and I said I have not had a real vacation since I was sick. Her reply, "you are always on vacation". This is from a woman who only works three days a week.

    I am sorry you have to put up with this at work. everyone who has this problem is a hero in my book.

    Keep the faith Paul