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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by findmind, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. findmind

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    Hello dear one, how are you and your son doing?

    So sorry to not have been responding to many others; it is really hard with WebTV to see the other posts and answer them individually, so mine get to be pretty generic.

    I apologize for not keeping in touch with you, but you know, I have been crazy with this selling of house and now finally geting one I feel we can live in. So I've not been good at replying except to help out the newbies, especially.

    Just read how that older med is helping your gastroparesis and "spreading" to stop some of the othe aches and pains too. That is really great! I too like to ask my drs for the older drugs that work well for "whatever".

    I'm afraid of new meds; I don't trust that they have been tested enough for us to know the long-term side effects.

    Did you know I'm a "Master Packer"? HA, no its amazing how I pack. Get a pkg of labels and a marker..go into each room, throw all soft stuff (linens, drawers full of hang-around clothes, etc.) into heavy duty black garbage bags and put a 2 label on it (as to what it is and what room it goes to in new place.

    This is my 45th move in 65 years, I am really good at it. Then movers come and take everything out and put in correct area in new place. I also live very simply, so have minimal "stuff" to pack; just some little gifts from my poor kids that I'm sentimentally attached to.

    Glasses I do NOT fancy-wrap all up in paper, etc; I just sit them in bottom of a box and put plastic stuff on top of them. Have never broken more than one or two. I take dining room linens and stack plates, saucers and other stuff around them, label "glass" on box.

    Pans can go easily too, just fill bags or boxes.

    I really don't think packing is hard, or putting stuff away...getting it to the proper room in the new place is the key.

    Then there are the dozen or more boxes that go to storage in the garage, plus 20 years of CFS files/archives I keep for our old support group.

    So, is that enuf about me? Chit-chat back, ok, I'll do my best to be back with you asap, alright?

    Many hugs, much love,

  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    You're not eating????!!! That sounds terrible! Does everything make you sick to your stomach?

    Can you at least eat yogurt? You surely must me skinny as a beanpole, not eating! What exactly is going on with your digestion? Are you being poisoned by something in your environment?

    As for moving, think I'm living on adrenalin...December will be the hard month for me, so Xmas will be at my daughter's house...we all go out for Thanksgiving dinner. I hate the noise and crowds, but then we both get a break from one of the holiday dinners.

    She's coming over tomorrow to help me pack up the kitchen stuff I don't use regularly, and pick up a lot of stuff I'm giving to her...what she doesn't want, she takes to an Action Center near her house, so people can buy it for next to nothing. Helps me, her and them.

    Hang in there, dear one, can you get home health care for IV nutrition?

    Write soon as you feel up to it, ok?

    Many hugs, much love,

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