(both) FEEL SO INCOMPETENT findmind, other vets..need help pls

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  1. I cannot* figure out where to go, who to contact, for help to even begin filing for my VA Benefits...I can't find anyone to contact in Indiana, I swear it. Sorting through all these websites, etc...I'm feeling sooo stupid, incompetent, unable to figure things out...

    I remember that someone advised, to use the DAV for help, rather than dept of Vet Affairs....I can't find a single DAV site, with ANY info or contact info, etc. to even get started somewhere!

    With the flare I'm having, and my other families health problems right now, I could just fall in the floor and sob.

    I miss my brain, I miss my backbone, my cognitive abilities, and *intelligence*, independence.. I just can't figure the simplest things out anymore it seems. I need help with EVERYTHING. If it weren't for my husband or my sister, I swear I'd even starve* to death from Sept-late April at least* of every year! Heck, year round...but, I can do *some* things, in spring-summer, as long as I stay out of the heat.

    I just feel completely defeated, over & over...I hate* being slapped in the face with 'how much I've changed' again and again..when I try to do something, and fail, miserably. Either to comprehend something at all, to FIND something, to complete something...

    Ok, that was my whoa is me, boo hoo, somebody call a wahhmbulance moment...

    Now, if anyone does have ANY Idea of who I could contact, I'm in Jackson County, Indiana...about 65 miles south of Indianapolis, and desperately need an actual human being contact, to help me even begin to fight for what's rightfully mine...and has been all these years. I could kick myself for not standing up, then minute I got sick.

    Now I'm all panicked that it needs to be done by my 'official' ETS date..(1-13-07) cuz, I have NO idea about any of it, not the least bit of understanding...

    I just know I have so many things piling up, cause I've been too ill to do them, and now, "it's crunch time" (several doc appts, put off for 1-2 yrs!) major dental work needed...so multiple visits...and I don't even drive anymore. Poor sis has to help me.

    I'm just losing it. My family is ill, the stress is overwhelming...I'm just a madwoman right now, and sooo down on myself, feeling so stupid, and wasted.

    Please help, anyone, if you can, finding a DAV rep to help me...

    Thank you...gonna go drink some tea, & try to calm my pain & spirit down.

  2. TKE

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    This is the site for the DAV in Indiana: Click on Indiana Benefits & then County Veterans Service Officers. The counties are listed with a contact person, address & phone number.


    Hope you find help soon.
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  3. thank you thank you thank you....I feel so stupid anymore.

    I'm glad to have this board, I've pretty much shut everything/everyone else out, this board, hubby, & my sister, that's it...


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