both/ will taking anticonvulsants take my pain away?

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  1. i was able to get copies of my medical records in 2005,when i tried to win my dissability tribunal..but went on to lose it.

    ive have a report here from 1999 when i went to see a neurologist,the diagnosis is non specific paraesthesia.

    id gone to see him about the numbness in my hands and feet,and the upper torso pain.he had said that he could not find any signs in either cranial or peripheral systems.

    he goes on to say.. if her symptoms become very painful i would advise on starting her on some low dose anticonvulsant, eg carbamazepine or gabapentin. i was discharged.

    well now that ive found this report,and its now 7 years since he saw me,and im now in bad wondering...

    have any of you here in the uk been given these anticonvulsants? have they taken your pain away?i have fibromyalgia and ME/chronic fatigue that knumb finger ends and toes problem.

    is there anything that works in taking the pain away?

    i will be seeing my new doctor about this.last week i was told to have a fasting blood test food to be eaten 20 hours before the blood is taken from me.i dont have the results back yet,but i pray it shows something to find this dd inside me.

    kind regards
  2. Mikie

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    My doc and I do believe it helps stop the pain signals in the brain. I didn't start taking it for pain but it evidently has helped with it. I am on the Guai treatment and it is really what has helped with the pain.

    The Klonopin has been a God send in allowing me to get 7-8 hrs. of quality sleep. It has pretty much stopped the anxiety/panic attacks and sensory overload. It helps with muscle spasms and tinnitus too. The longer I've been on the Klonopin, more than five years now, the better it works. I usually no longer need the small doses during the day for anxiety and sensory overload. I usually just take 1 mg. at night for sleep.

    I think we each have to research what drugs we take and weigh the potential benefits versus the potential risks with each one.

    Love, Mikie
  3. thankyou for replying to my post.

    i take one 50 mg amitripyline tablet at night,ive been taking that now for 12 years.i do think it is keeping the severe migraines at bay,you know,the ones that bring on the vomiting.but i still do get the headaches that are caused by muscle swelling around the brain and behind the eyes.

    ive had my fasting blood test results back,alls well except my chorestral level is high,they say.its always been low in the past,so im shocked at that.especially as i eat sensibly.

    i am managing to work part time,and im hoping more people on this board will reply and let me know how anticonvulsant medication is affecting them,especially as id hate to go onto develope any other bad side effects,which would jepodise my ability to still be able to work.

    i thank you for your reply,and will not try the medication until more people write back just glad my blood test was ok.i dont drink alcohol,well only at christmas.

    cant understand the chorlesterol being high,as im not a big eater,and ive lost two and a half stones in weight, over the past 6 month.but none the less its something to concentrate on getting sorted out.


  4. Mikie

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    If you are going to try one of these meds, do it when you don't have to work. They can make you feel drowsy. Klonopin, in very small doses, can actually help one focus more clearly while a larger dose will cause one to sleep. We all react so differently that it's hard to tell how drugs will affect us.

    Love, Mikie
  5. mikie thankyou for the advice,you are great.

    love fran
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    Hi I am in the US but I was put on Gab,I for one did not do well at all,I had the hangover effect in the morning and felt drunk during the day,Went back to Doc after weaning off gab,he put me on the kolonipin yesterday,It worked great. last night was the first night I have slept without waking up,and I feel much better today,it also helped my muscles.I also have Fibro and panic attacks.
    I hope you find meds that work for you.FMkitty
  7. Mikie

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    I have heard docs on TV expressing concern with long-term used of drugs which alter our brain chemistry. These segments have been in response to the overprescribing of antidepressants. I would include other drugs, like Provigil, which affects dopamine in the brain and drugs, like Klonopin, which affect GABA.

    As I mentioned, we need to perform due diligence when taking any med. There is risk with almost anything we do. For me, I knew that Klonopin has been successfully used long term with few side effects, save the physical dependence and having to wean off of it slowly if one needs to quit the drug.

    I was in really bad shape, getting no sleep at all and having crippling anxiety attacks during the day. I also would get sick from any sensory overload. Driving was ver difficult because the movement of the cars around me was overloading my brain. All these things, and more, are symptoms of a slight state of seizure in the brain. Dr. Cheney believes that this can burn out the brain's neurons and cause premature death of the neurons themselves.

    I decided to take any risks involved with the klonopin because I felt it more risky to allow my brain to continue in a state of low level seizure. I'm very glad I did. It has worked out beautifully for me. Each of us is different and we each have to assess the risks of the meds we take.

    Love, Mikie
  8. thankyou for replying to my post.
    i too,had hoped more people would have replied,especially some brits,who might have tried those two medications that i mentioned in my post.
    i have to see my doctor on monday as regards my blood test result that said my chlorestrol was going to ask him what he thinks about putting me on one of the above named medication.

    i think im wishing that,if my pain level can be controlled,i might be able to work full time.part of me says,dont rush into full time work yet,but im desperate,as its so expensive to heat my home this winter,and my fibro isnt happy with the cold.oohh im so fed up just now,but not giving up.

    kind regards
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    My cholsetrol has also gone up was 5.5 and now is 7.5, I have lost 90lbs in weight and it was lower when I was bigger..I keep saying that to the drs but they are stumped...interesting that you have had the same experience..I started gabapentin today..I was on it in the past for nerve pain and had no major side effects.
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    I take gabapentin along with tramadol and it takes away most of my pain. Gabapentin was developed as a seizure med, but it never actually worked really well for seizures. They found that it did work for pain though, and that is why Dr's prescribe it for pain, especially neuropathy pain. I have a co=worker who has back pain and it works for him for the pain.

    So, it is not uncommon to prescribe gabapentin for pain.

    Take care, Sally
  11. thanks so much for replying to me,it gives me hope that this new doctor i have,might try me on one of the above pills,hopefully my pain will ease,making it barable at least.i would think that when i take that hospital report with me,and when he knows im trying to keep working,he might help me.oohh i wish someone would.ive only ever been given amitripyline to take at night.nothing else,and this doctor did tell me not to take anti inflamatory medication,as im a asthma sufferer,and he said,steer clean of anti inflamatory pills,as they can make asthma worse.

    thanks again you are great

    love fran
  12. mezombie

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    Hi Fran,

    I posted this in reply to your question on another thread, but thought you're more likely to see it here:

    Klonopin is the brand name of the drug Clonazepam. I don't know whether it's available abroad, but maybe the name of the generic will help you find out.

  13. rachel432

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    the theory is that anticonvulsants help to block nerve pain. some common ones that are being used for fm and migraines ar depokote, topamax, nuerontin and lyrica. they work well for some people. also if one doesn't work you can always try another or they can be used in combinations with eachother or with other meds. they may be worth a try if your not getting good pain control from other meds. also topamax doesn't cause weight gain, it actually causes weight loss in some people.

    i hope this helps.